Lifestyle · June 28, 2019

How to Make Kid’s Birthday Special If It’s Come On Near Holiday!

Birthdays are always special. But it becomes more important and close to heart when it is of your child’s. Birthday can be celebrated on the day itself, but sometimes, so that everyone can attend it, we postpone the celebration.

Here is how you can make your kid’s birthday special on a near holiday.

1) Have a party at a different time

It might happen that the birthday fall on such a time, when it is not possible for many of the close ones to attend the party. So, what you can do is to celebrate the birthday in a familiar way on the birthday. But plan for the grand celebration on any holiday. Thus the child will be ‘doubled’ happy for getting the chance to celebrate his/her birthday twice. In any vacation like summer or winter you can choose to celebrate your beloved’s birthday.

2) Celebrate their half birthday

Everything that the child need is to be happy. And for their happiness, you can just take up ideas which have never been done before. Such an idea is to celebrate the kid’s half birthday. Suppose it is summer and there is no such engagement in celebration. So your beloved kid is getting bored. You can just plan to celebrate their half birthday or quarter birthday, as the time suits. Let the celebration be as same as that of a full birthday, but do something special to signify the ‘half’ or the ‘quarter’.

3) Skip the joint birthday/holiday gift

Some kids have amazing understanding power. All they are attracted to be the pure fun of celebration with his/her closest people. If you have such an understanding kid, this party planning of celebrating birthday will be great and unique. You can plan for the birthday celebration on a near holiday so that every kid can enjoy the time. But you should strictly avoid and mention in the invitation card to bring neither the birthday gift nor the holiday gifts. A celebration without liability of gifts will make the guest enjoy the quality time in their fullest and it will be remembered by them forever.

4) Give Friends and Family Early Notice

We all are very busy in our life. So any small time we get in life, we already plan to celebrate that. It is quite natural that people plan for holiday vacations. The best way is to inform them quite a long time before the planning of the celebration. Giving an early notice will make them do any planning accordingly. Invitation can be sent a little later, but an information that such a party is going to be thrown around that time and they are cordially invited will make it work easier.

5) Don’t use holiday wrapping

As it is a very special celebration of occasion, it needs to be done in a subtle and special way. There is no need for wrapping the gifts like we all do in every occasional celebration. Request the guests to come as freely as possible. Without gift is the best. But if still they are bringing it, there is no need of doing the holiday wrapping. Balloons are very good gift with essence and message. They do not need any wrapping at all. Also, the kid will become very much elated to get such a warm gift. You can send balloons online to the kid if you are unable to attend the party.

6) Decorate a Birthday-Only Room

This idea will channelize the expenses in a better way. You do not need to decorate the whole house for the party. It is a special party, so let the only birthday room be decorated for the kid. You can use stuffs like confetti, flowers, balloons, sparkles and wranglers to decorate the room. This will make the ambiance of the party to be very much homely.

7) Make it All About the Birthday Kid

The main reason behind this celebration is the child’s happiness. So, it is best to keep the child at the center of everything. Do every single thing that your kid will love. The décor, the food, the music, the guest list, the whole celebration should be according to his/her choice. This will make her /him feel to be very much important and enhance it will enhance the self confidence in him/her. Even bring his/her favorite cake from birthday cake delivery site to surprise him/her.

All we dream for is the best for the kids. And above are the best ways to make not only their birthdays special, but also keep the essence of the celebration longer.