How to Lead a More Sustainable Lifestyle

With increasing environmental concerns all over the globe, more and more people are starting to think about how they can make changes to make a positive contribution. While there is a significant amount of work to do to help heal the planet, by making a few changes at home and taking the steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle, you can help to make a difference. If you’ve been wondering how to make adjustments and how you can change your daily routine to become eco-friendlier, here are a few basic tips to get you started:

Green Energy

Do you leave lights on when you leave a room? How long is your radiator on during the day? Do you like to take long, hot showers? Making some tweaks to how much energy you use at home is a good place to start. A lot of energy providers are encouraging people to start using smart meters at home so they can monitor how much energy they are using each day. It’s also a great way to save you money, as your smart meter will tell you how much it’s all costing. In addition to this, you should think about getting some eco-friendly appliances at home to help you become more efficient.

D.I.Y Fruit and Vegetables

Growing vegetables, fruits, and herbs have been something more people are moving towards, and this has certainly increased during the COVID-19 lockdowns as people tried to find things to occupy themselves with. Even in the smallest gardens, you will be able to grow certain fruits and vegetables in pots or hanging baskets, and the satisfaction you’ll get from cooking with produce you grew yourself will be great. While you still might need to top up your fridge with things bought from a supermarket, growing fresh vegetables or fruits at home will help to reduce it.

Reduce Your Meat Intake

Meat eaters around the world might grumble when they hear talk of meat-free diets, but there are benefits to eating less meat both for the environment and for your health. You don’t have to switch to a vegan or even a vegetarian diet to make a difference if you still want to enjoy a juicy steak or burger, but consider swapping out some of your usual meat-orientated meals in the week for a vegetarian substitute. There are loads of delicious veggie recipes out there, and also some quality meat substitutes that might surprise you.

Buy an Eco-friendly Home

If you don’t currently own your home or the next time you decide to buy a property, look for eco-friendly homes to move into. They might be a little more expensive as they’re quite desirable, but the more people make eco-friendly changes to their properties, the more normalized this will get. You should also look at the local area’s green home initiatives to get a good idea of what other properties in that location are doing to improve environmental standards. If you do own your current property, perhaps think about how you can make some green home improvements to be more sustainable and to add value to your home.

Use Your Car Less

A lot of people need to use their car daily for work or to run errands, but if you think you can reduce the number of times you get behind the wheel, this could make a big difference. If you can commute to work on public transport (or even better, walk or ride a bike to work) this could help reduce emissions. If you do need to use your car a lot, perhaps look into getting an eco-friendlier model like an electric car or a hybrid.

Reduce Paper Waste

There is always so much paper waste in offices and even in homes. From junk mail coming through your door to bills and printing out handbooks for presentations, it all adds up. If you do work in an office, perhaps speak to your boss about how you can start an initiative at work to reduce paper waste. At home, switch to paperless bills from your bank, energy provider, and so on, and perhaps hang a sign by your front door requesting that people don’t post junk mail through your letterbox.


Hopefully, you’re already doing this at home, but you’d be surprised at how many people still don’t bother to organize recycling at home. Your local council should have supplied you with separate bins for paper and cardboard waste, plastic and glass, as well as miscellaneous household waste. You can also request a green been for organic waste from your kitchen.

If you want to start moving towards a more sustainable lifestyle, the suggestions above are all great places to start.

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