Business · June 15, 2022

How to improve your business Accessibility for the Elderly?

56 cents of every dollar is spent by the elderly. The elderly contribute more to the economy and business than any other age group combined. Thus, for businesses looking to grow, they need to start taking extra steps to increase their accessibility for the elderly. Here, I have compiled some tips that can increase your business prospects.

Increase Comfort

Elderly people require rest and assistance more often than other age groups. Your business should provide services such as resting area which may include comfortable chairs and sofas for them to rest. You should also provide bannister rails for them to lean on if your business has stairs.

Respectful and Friendly Staff

A well trained staff is essential if you want the elderly to be a recurring customer. Make your business a place that the customer loves to visit. A disrespectful incident may hamper your business more that you think as the elderly have a well established social network, conversely, if your services are good it will create a positive impact. Using custom sleeve boxes you can tailor your product to make it stand out to the elderly too.

Accessible Entrance

Aging causes difficulty in walking and many bodily functions that we take for granted. A cramped up entrance with high stairs will dis hearten an Elderly to enter your business no matter how good your services are on the inside. It is essential to create accessible entrance by using custom ramps or rails which are both beneficial to elderly as well as the disabled.

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