How To Find the Right Rental Property Management Company – A Quick Review

How To Find the Right Rental Property Management Company – A Quick Review

As an owner of a building, you may have other more important works to get going with, that you have no extra time to take care of your properties. So, it is advised that you get the help of professional rental property management services, to secure your assets and be sure everything is still on the right track. Anyway, before getting into a property management contract with the company, take the following points into account, just for the safety of your properties and your financial matters as well.


Initiate your search, by doing a little recce on some potential property managers. Based on the size of your market, you may have just two or three to choose from.

You can go online to research, reading comments on various companies and reviews from both, tenants and the landlords. Remember that more often than not, you are going to discover negative reviews when you search on the internet. Well, obviously indeed people that are content with their commercial space or apartment hey have rented, tend to not publish positive comments.

Where is the best spot to do your Analysis?

  • Commercial Real Estate Brokers
  • Other Owners
  • Your Local REIA (Real Estate Investment Association)

Getting in touch with these people for a brief period is worth days looking online. You will get “the real world” answers and will probably narrow down, your choices to only a few.

Office Visit

From your “shortlist “which you’ve collected during your research, you should organize an office visit. This is virtually an interview of your potential property management Brisbane service. You can do this at their office, or even at your property which you want them to visit. You will need to ask them for a list of properties that they manage and any references, of landlords they are supervising for.

What practices the company has? Does the company use write procedures for both employees and residents? How regularly will you get reports and in what format? The rundown is endless; however, you will want a good idea, of their “best practices” that they are using, to deal with their properties.


In the end, comes the turn of decision making. Relying on your research, office visit, property visits, and referrals, which rental property management services provider stands out? What are their terms and conditions? What is included in their property management charges? Like, does it include all accounting, rental turnovers, etc.?

Keep in mind all the above factors, to ensure finding the best rental property management company for you.

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