How to Find Cheap and Trustworthy Web Hosting in India?

How to Find Cheap and Trustworthy Web Hosting in India?

Web hosting is probably one of the best ways to post a website online; rather it is only one of the ways where you can host your website. Be it technology as a service or infrastructure as a service, a web host is your best friend when you want to get online with a business that still doesn’t have much traffic. Websites are hosted on special computers and systems called servers. These servers are physical systems which allow you to contain and store data space, which is what the user’s access.

Do you know how you log in to your personal computer and get access to your stored files and other applications? Imagine server like a personal computer which stores data of different websites which can be access by user once they login to that domain. The bandwidth, the storage, the access control and everything else is governed by the hosting company which provides you with the details of the server. 

When you have a smaller business, it is recommended that you pick out a smaller space and affordable server so that there is no additional load on to that disk. However, once you start growing, you can get access to your own server space which lets you run your own show without any hassles. This brings us to the classification of servers that we have in general. There are three kinds of servers for web hosting in India which lets you host your website.

How do I save money?

There are dedicated servers, shared servers and virtual servers. As the name suggests, it is unique to its nomenclature. The servers come with a plethora of features, and you as a user have the privilege pick out the ones that suit you the best. As far as affordability goes, always pick out a shared server because that helps you analyze what your traffic will be like. Additionally, most shared servers are cheaper and allow you to save money in that aspect.

What about response time?

Personally, slower bandwidth is a buzz kill. We all want quicker turnaround times and better responses. The quicker the better, isn’t it? Did you know there are web hosting services offered by certain providers who go as low as 50ms at an affordable price? A good web host should always have the least possible response time for better results. 

Moreover, it becomes important that it is always up and running. Meaning, there are possibilities that on share servers, the services would be taken down at one point of time for maintenance and other reconfiguration activities, which impacts the accessibility of the users. Therefore, in such circumstances, a dedicated server comes in handy. Nevertheless, you should always use a high availability server which acts as a channel for your users when the other nodes are brought down for maintenance.

How does website matter?

If you are looking for cheap web hosting services, it is important that you find a data plan along with the web host who can provide you a better capacity. Slower speed is a pothole where you lose customers who are always busy and impatient. Navigating across pages, waiting for the page to just load, tests the patience. As a service provider, it eventually becomes your responsibility to keep up the performance of the website in order to avoid escalations.

Cheap web hosting can be a challenging task. However, with the right kind of research and analysis, you can eventually find something that suits your business the way it should. All you need to focus on while finding a cheap web hosting India is the configuration that helps you uplift your business.

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