General · December 20, 2022

How To File A Mechanic’s Lien: An Easy-To-Follow Guide

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Are you a contractor, sub-contractor, or material supplier in New York who hasn’t paid for your work? If so, filing a mechanic’s lien is a powerful way to protect yourself and get compensation. Don’t let someone else profit from your hard work without paying up!

This step-by-step guide teaches how to file a successful Lien waiver form in NY.

Here are five simple steps to file a lien in New York. 

Step 1: Gather Your Information 

Before beginning the lien filing process, ensure you have all the necessary information ready. This includes the property owner’s name, contact information, and copies of any invoices or contracts that outline your services and how much you get owed. It also helps to know if there is an existing lien on the property – you can find this at the local county clerk’s office. 

Step 2: Draft Your Lien Claim 

Once you have your documents, it’s time to draft your lien claim. This should include all of the information gathered in Step 1 and a detailed list of what services you performed and how much money gets owed for each service. Double-check for accuracy; incorrect information could delay or even invalidate your claim! 

Step 3: Notify All Parties Involved 

Once your claim is drafted, it must get served to all parties involved. This includes sending copies of both the claim and supporting documents to the owner of the property as well as any contractors who worked on the project. You must send all notifications via certified mail with the requested return receipt to obtain proof of delivery.

Step 4: File The Lien In Court

You will need to take copies of all documents related to your claim (including contracts, invoices, etc.) and proof that everyone was notified correctly (such as return receipts from certified mail). Once filed, an index number will be assigned, which should get kept for reference purposes. Note that liens must fill within 180 days from completion or abandonment of work on the job site – otherwise, they may not be valid!       

Step 5: Wait For A Response       

After everything gets filed in court, it’s just a matter of waiting for a response from either party involved for the resolution to occur (either payment or dismissal). During this period, it may help to reach out and try negotiating with those involved – sometimes, this can help speed up resolution quicker than going through legal channels alone!

The Final Words

Filing a mechanic’s lien does not have to be overwhelming when done correctly –gather all relevant information, draft up your claim carefully, serve notifications promptly and accurately, file in court within 180 days from completion/abandonment date and wait for resolution!

A Lien waiver form in NY can help protect contractors, suppliers, and subcontractors who are owed money for work they have completed or materials they have supplied. Follow the steps outlined above to ensure a successful lien filing!

Good luck!