Technology · May 26, 2023

Unlocking Accessibility: How to Export Outlook Email to PDF with Comprehensive Techniques

Today, MSG & PDF both files format are in demand among users or organization because one is popular mail client extension and second is document file format. Now the issue comes when any user or organization has need to know how to export Outlook Email to PDF. And at this time they search exact & quality solution which helps to easily convert Outlook messages into PDF without Outlook. In this blog you will get complete knowledge about how to powerfully export .msg file to PDF without installing Outlook.

If you are really in need and want complete data migration from Outlook message files to PDF then read this article and get help from manual & alternative solution to perfectly export .msg files to PDF without Outlook. But before that get some tips about MSG & PDF Adobe Reader.

Some Facts of Outlook Message File MSG & PDF

Outlook supports .msg extension to save single email. Today, Outlook is used by almost users for personal & professional purpose. To get Outlook message as .msg file format, Open your Outlook and select messages and drag them & drop at any place like desktop, or folder, etc. Then you will see that the extensions of all messages will be .msg.

PDF is the standard document file format of Adobe Reader. It is used for presentation, documentation, future references, etc. It is most popular, widely used & safe document file format as compared to another one. It is remarkable as well as perfect & developed document file which contains all details, limitless graphics, font, images and many more. It is easily accessible with Adobe Reader which can be freely downloaded.

How to Export Outlook Email to PDF Manually

To export Outlook messages into PDF Adobe, direct conversion option is not available in Outlook & Adobe Reader but a manual trick can convert Outlook email to PDF one by one. Therefore, follow the given steps, if you need to know about how to export Outlook email to PDF manually –

  • Open Outlook & Select Emails which one you want convert into PDF.
  • Now go to File menu and choose save as option and select .html file format.
  • Then save Outlook email to HTML file format at any location
  • Now go saved .html file and open with it in MS Word.
  • After opening html file in MS Word, check it.
  • Go to save as option of File menu and select .pdf option and save the file in PDF format.

By following the mentioned step by step process, you can get your Outlook email to PDF one by one but it supports some drawbacks such as it cannot save all .msg files into PDF at once. It cannot save attachments of emails into PDF. It is not suitable for large data migration, time wasting process, not a secure process for database maintenance, etc. Sometimes, it misses details of emails due to technical error.

Alternative Solution

As we saw that manual trick is not a complete solution for Outlook message file to PDF migration. But to convert .msg message file to PDF without Outlook, you can try the CubexSoft MSG Converter tool that enables to batch import multiple .msg messages files to PDF without Outlook installation. By using this solution, you can convert MSG file to PDF with attachments in original. Even if you need to save attachments of emails to PDF then you can also do that by choosing the option, “Convert Attachments to PDF”. The tool has option to preview .msg emails completely.

Still, you are in doubt and would like to get a trial then download MSG to PDF tool Free Trial that helps to know about how to export Outlook email to PDF. With free demo, you can exportt 25 .msg messages to .pdf without any cost.

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