How to Deal with a very bad Bed Bug Infestation?

How to Deal with a very bad Bed Bug Infestation?

Sleep is one of the basic requirements of our body. When you are devoid of sleep there are many things that might go wrong with your day to day lifestyle. Plus having chronic sleep deprivation can cause many physical ailments too. Serious health problems due to the deprivation of sleep can include heart disease, heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, etc. Apart from that when you do not sleep your cognitive process that is responsible for thinking and learning gets affected and in a way, you start becoming dumber. This might surprise you but it’s true.

But why are we discussing sleep deprivation? That’s because we are trying to talk about the major cause that affects your sleep cycle and it’s one of the most common factors throughout the world.  Yes, we are talking about the bed bugs and how a serious bed bug infestation might just ruin your day to day routine and many other things too. So, apart from hiring professional bed bug pest control in Whitefield, Bangalore you can deal with these pesky creatures in many other different ways too.

1. Identifying and analysing the problem properly

Many people have the inability to identify the problem properly. You might be becoming deprived of sleep due to various reasons. There might be a mosquito infestation that you might be misreading as bed bug infestation. So it is advisable to hire bed bug pest control near you in Bangalore to get a professional inspection before starting any kind of treatment. Once the infestation is confirmed you should go for the correct treatment.

2. Travelling and bed bugs

Bed bugs are resilient hitchhikers and the best way to get infested with bed bugs is while you are traveling to other places. When you are staying in hotels, you might get infested with bed bugs from mattresses, furniture or carpeting. Normally bed bugs come out at night but during the day time, they remain within a 3-4 feet radius of the bed which makes it easy for you to check if your hotel room is infested or not. Also, before settle in the new hotel room its best if you do few things that can help you protect yourself from bed bugs like checking for dark spots on the mattresses, keeping luggage away from bed and flooring in case you detect any kind of infestation and after reaching back home give all your clothes and baggage a heat treatment.

3. Killing them in bed once detected

When you are confirmed about the intensity of your infestation the best way to get rid of them is to destroy the bugs in the bed itself. Cutting out their nutrition will check their breeding process and their nutrition is mainly human blood. Avoid sleeping on the mattress, try to get it cleaned thoroughly, keep the bed sheets and pillow covers in a plastic bag for few days to kill the bed bugs and try to vacuum them out of their hiding places.

4. Hunting down and using proper treatment methods

When you have an intensive infestation of bed bugs they might be hiding anywhere. Normally they hide in the mattresses, furniture or carpets but they might also be hiding in cracks on the walls, bookshelves, clothes, curtains, etc. You need to do a thorough check-up of the entire house for any bed bugs and get the adults out as soon as you see them by individually picking them up or using sprays or tablets to kill them in the same place where they are.

5. Hiring the professionals to do the perfect job

Your final option is to hire professional bed bug control services in Whitefield, Bangalore which is the best of all the others. Hiring professionals ensures that the elimination is going to be done in an appropriate way and you do not have to worry about the infestation being left out at your home.

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