Digital marketing · October 6, 2019

How to Deal Mugshot Removal Websites Legally

In the digital world, we are vulnerable to different types of threats. The ubiquity of the internet has made our life easy and now we are just a click away from getting any information around the globe. It is not uncommon for us getting influenced by these pieces of information without checking their authenticity. Hence, it is no wonder that much of our preconceived notions are a result of continuous consumption of data without bothering about the consequences it may bring with itself. The information being consumed may not always result in negative conception but the fact of the matter is that we do have to filter the content being watched on various sites as their chances of being malicious can never be ruled out; one of these malicious activities is posting someone’s mugshot on a website to extort money from them by making a deal of Mugshot Removal after getting hefty amount from them. It is indeed true, that numerous illegal and fake websites are indulging in these nefarious activities. Hence, it is of the utmost importance to deal with them legally.

How Mugshot Websites Work

These websites have an agenda of extorting money by harassing the individuals in the name of mugshot removal after getting paid hefty amounts. These individuals may have any record of indulging in alleged criminal activities but may not be convicted by the jury. Hence, these individuals may have a hard time finding jobs, getting dates or even applying for credit.

How To Tackle These Websites And Mugshots

While it is true that the introduction of new laws by the various states and policies from Google has led to a decrease in these nefarious activities, still there is a lot to be done to curb this menace. According to the introduction of the new laws in states like Georgia, California and other 16 states, these websites have to remove the mugshots within 30 days and non-compliance will be considered as a violation of the law and it is an offense for websites to charge citizens to have their mugshots removed. Google Policies Google had come forward to help people tackling these activities as the search engine giant launched a new algorithm in October 2013 that decreases the chances of mugshots appearing in the top search results. Hence, most of the arrest photos are either pushed down or removed from Google search results.

How to Remove Mugshots From Google

It is good news that with the introduction of new laws, it is becoming easier to remove the mugshots from Google. Hence, you should be aware of your legal rights. Below are some of the points that you must consider to get your mugshots removed such as: Checking The Website’s Policy Some of the websites may consider removing your mugshots on account of courtesy removal services. Hence, good communication with website owners is an important step.

Knowing Your Rights And Taking It Legally 

You can make them remove your mugshots if you are protected by the law of your state. Generally, it takes 30 days for the removal of mugshots after requesting them. Conclusion: Numerous websites are indulging in nefarious activities of extortion of money by making a deal of removing the mugshots available on their websites. Hence, every individual should be aware of legal laws to make them remove their arrest photos. Because different states are introducing new laws regarding mugshot removal, there has been a decline in these activities but still, these can be found online. To get rid of these every individual should be aware of the Google policies and knowledge about the law in their state regarding these activities.