Pets and Animals · August 23, 2020

How to Clean a Hoof – Farrier Tips and Guidelines

Just like we humans need to get rid of dirt and other unwanted elements by cleaning ourselves up to prevent diseases from happening, animals too require and need some special kind of care.

They cannot clean themselves up on their own, and if we have pets, we should be responsible and concerned about their health and hygiene.

If you have a horse as your pet, then the most important thing is to clean up its hooves.

It is not unusual to pick rocks and twigs out of a horse’s hooves, but they certainly cause damage it left in there. Manure and soil can also create damp which can further lead to thrush. It is essential to clean the hooves of your horse to keep your horse healthy.

Here are some farrier tips that will help you and guide you in ways you so that you can clean them yourself at home. So let’s have a look.

Farrier Tips and Guidelines

  1. Before you pick out your horse’s hooves make sure it is tied safely. You can use cross ties as it could be safer because they keep you away from the walls and posts which you can knock into if your horse acts up.
  2. Next, your horse should be trained and should know to lift up its foot. You can tap on the chestnut or twist or pull up on the chestnut or pinch slightly above the pastern joint. The horse should pull up its foot and also allow you to support the hoof.
  3. Gain some knowledge about the farrier equipment and try to use them for cleaning the hooves for better results. You can get the farrier equipment from any farrier supplies online store in the UK.
  4. Once your horse has lifted his foothold place its foot in the left hand and use the hoof pick in the right hand to clean the hoof
  5. You need to use a hoof pick to clear out the dirt, manure, mud, and other debris. You need to work on the heel to toe and also need to be attentive to the cleft around the frog. You can use a stiff brush to brush away the dirt and chaffs. Clean the sole too. Check the shoes to find out if there are any missing nails and if there are no loose nails and also make sure that the clenches have not risen.
  6. Repeat the same procedure with the other three hooves
  7. Then apply a foot conditioner or sealant according to your farrier’s recommendations.

There are some tips that you should remember if you are planning to clean the hoof of your horse so let’s see what they are.

How to Clean the Horse’s Hooves?

  1. If you are left-handed, then you would be using your right hand to handle the hoof and clean it with the left.
  2. It will be safer if you face the horse’s tail as it will reduce the chance of you getting kicked by him.
  3. This procedure can be done with foals too. By tapping the hoof pick on the bottom of the hoof, you will be able to train your colt for future farrier visits.
  4. Make sure the horse’s hooves are in clean, dry bedding and if they are affected at all, then apply topical solutions on the affected area and also seek advice from a veterinarian or a farrier if required.

In conclusion, we hope the above information has helped you to understand the given step by step instructions on how you can clean the hoof.

We expect that these farrier tips will help you and remind you that hoof cleaning should be a part of your daily routine after equestrian activities. Also, we suggest that you keep the environment clean of your horse, and give it a healthy diet and even regular farrier visits for great hoof health.