Fashion / Lifestyle · July 19, 2022

How To Choose The Right Suit For Office Party

custom suit

Are you invited to your office party? But confused about choosing the right type of suit for a formal look? 

Well, we understand the struggle of looking professional yet elegant. 

So, to dress up for an office party, there are some important key points to remember. One of them is getting a well-fitted suit, but this requirement can’t be fulfilled by pursuing an off-the-rack outfit. So, here the best option is to go for a tailor-made suit. And for this, you must choose the experienced men’s custom tailor in your town. 

Don’t worry; in this article, we have mentioned the top ways of getting the best suit. Read on to know the additional tips on getting dressed formally. 

Steps For Choosing A Suit For Your Office Party 

Step #1 Set Your Budget 

How much money do you want to spend on the new suit that you are going to wear at your office party? See, first of all, you need to make a budget, whether you are ready to spend $100 or $500, or more than $2000.

Everyone has a different budget, and so do their choices. So, the money you are willing to spend will decide on the cloth, tailoring style, and next other steps.

Step #2 Available Options  

Once you have a particular amount, you will spend on the right suit for an office party; now, check out the available options.

Custom-Tailored Suit

This is the first option on the list of tailoring. The custom-tailored suits are made to fit individual measurements from various pre-cut pieces. It’s a suitable option for those who find it hard to fit in ready-made garments.

Bespoke Suits

Bespoke tailoring is the most popular and preferred option for men’s suits. In this, suits are made with the exact specifications given to the expert tailors. A customer speaks about their requirements, and the tailor listens to them carefully. You can consider this choice for designing a unique suit to wear at office events. 

Step #3 Choose A Fabric 

Most of the time, with an off-the-rack suit, you don’t get many fabric options. However, if you opt for men’s custom tailoring or bespoke tailoring, then you get a chance to select the fabric of your choice.

  • If you have a good budget, then you can go for a suit with 100% wool.
  • If you have a limited budget, then you can go for a 30%, 50%, or 70% blend of wool.
  • There is one more option, that is ‘super’ wools. It includes; Super 120, Super 100, Super 80, etc.
  • Another affordable choice is cotton, the best material for summer office parties or outdoor events.  

Step #4 Choose Style And Color 

Is it your first bespoke suit ever? If so, then be careful about the style and colour you are choosing for an office party.

As you know, every occasion is different, so their style is. So, select whether you want a two-piece suit or a three-piece suit as per your comfort for an office party. It’s your first bespoke suit so consider taking advice from your colleagues. Ask them what kind of suit they are wearing. Also, the measurement of cloth piece also depends on your suit style.

Now, let’s hop on to the colour for your right suit. As it’s an office party, go for subtle colours like beige, white, black, blue, grey, and more. Don’t choose bright colours, because they look weird at office parties. 

Moreover, while pairing a shirt go for a pastel colour or all-time colour “white.” Mostly these types of colours go well with every suit style. Remember, it’s your long-term investment, so be specific about the right suit style or colour according to the occasion.

Step #5. Suit Lapel 

Fashion changes every year, but you must choose the right suit that will serve you for a long time. So, when it comes to designing, be specific about your choices, especially for an office party.

There are three options for a suit lapel: notch lapel, peak lapel, and shawl lapel.

We would suggest you go for a shawl lapel, which is known as formal wear and the right choice for office parties.

On the flip side, a peak lapel looks much more formal than a notch lapel.

And if you choose a notch lapel, it is all-time fashion. It’s an old style that has been popular for decades.  

Other Considerations When Buying A Suit 

Decide On Neckwear 

We don’t need to mention that a suit is always worn with neckwear. It could be a tie or a bow!

Now coming to the colour of neckwear, pair it with a suit and it must look subtle as it’s an office party. For example, if it’s a white colour suit, you can go for a black, blue, or red tie/bow. Well, red neckwear is always a safe colour for all types of suits. But don’t go for bright or neon red colours. Dark blue, dark green or purple tie/bow can be paired with pastel colours.

For an office party, remember to choose either plain colours or small repeating patterns, like dots, regimental stripes, or pins. These patterns are known as formal ones for your office party.

Wear A Watch 

Wear a watch that goes well with your suit. Consider watches having straps of solid colours (like black, brown, or grey). Or you can opt for watches with a leather strap or a simple metal band. It looks great with formal wear suits.  

Add Accessories 

In the end, it’s your choice to add accessories to your formal suit. It includes rings, bracelets, neck chains, and much more as per your preference. Well, for an office party, you can make your look simple yet elegant. Select accessories that are subtle as well as impactful.  


So are you ready to buy your first bespoke suit for an office party? Consider the steps mentioned above to set your unique style statement. 

One more suggestion, visit a salon and get a good haircut before your office party. Because your hair, grooming, and other physical aspects will also affect your image. 

All the best!