How to Choose the Right School for Yoga Retreats in Nepal

How to Choose the Right School for Yoga Retreats in Nepal

For the past few years, the name of Nepal has been coming to the fore a lot in the world of yoga teacher training. Nepal has always had a connection with yoga that goes far back to the inception days of yoga itself. It has a yoga culture and yoga schools that can give Indian schools a run for their money. However, for quite some time, it was not receiving the attention it deserved. But that is changing now. People are recognizing the importance of Nepal in yoga and yoga teacher training. The sector that is benefitting the most is undoubtedly yoga retreats in Nepal.

Choosing the Best School for Yoga Retreats in Nepal

If you have been researching yoga retreats in Nepal, you have certainly noticed one thing. For anything pertaining to yoga, Pokhara, Nepal seems to be the name everyone swears by. In truth too, Pokhara has the top schools for best yoga teacher training courses and best yoga retreats in Nepal. If the yoga school is in Pokhara, you can expect a certain level of standard from it. Their yoga retreats will hundred percent be good, if not one of the best. So, if you are looking for the top yoga school in Pokhara for yoga retreats in Nepal, these pointers can help you.

Is the School Reputed in General

The quality of the yoga retreats in Nepal you choose will depend highly on the quality of the school. If you choose one of the mediocre ones in a remote corner of Nepal, the experience will be mediocre too. But choosing a top yoga school in Pokhara will ensure that you yoga retreat will fulfil your high expectations. In fact, a bad yoga retreat can thoroughly mess up your perception of yoga teacher training. If you are serious about your YTTC, you will want to avoid that and choose a top yoga school in Pokhara. Let global ratings, reviews and your good judgement dictate your decision

Does the School Have Experience in Yoga Retreats in Nepal

Choosing a good yoga school is not enough. You have to choose a good school that has experience in doing yoga retreats in Nepal. It is a fact that quite a few yoga schools in Nepal exist that have top-grade YTTCs but lack in the yoga retreat department. Always specifically check for the reviews about the yoga retreats in Nepal that the school organizes. Look for blogs of people who went for that retreat. Do not blindly choose the first top yoga school in Pokhara that shows up in your search results. That would be a critical mistake to make.

How Much Do They Charge

As much as you want to base your choice on quality, money matters too. You have no obligation to join even the top yoga school in Pokhara even if that financially cripples you. It makes no sense thrifting and scrimping just to go to a school that is on top. There are many more factors that will affect your experience; this is only one. And what is most important is that each top yoga school in Pokhara is as good as the other. The differences lie mostly in the yoga style they teach and the facilities they provide. Weigh in both cost and quality in your decision about yoga retreats in Nepal. In all likelihood, it should not be too much of a make-or-break situation. This is because the yoga schools in Nepal are the most affordable in the world.

Which Yoga Style is the Focus of the Retreat

Yoga teacher training courses usually have one or more yoga styles they focus on. It is the same for yoga retreats in Nepal. Depending on the duration of the retreat, it might even be a specific part of a yoga style too. The curriculum or subject is curated and designed with much though depending on what is trending or in demand. Therefore, before choosing the Nepal retreat, go through the website of the yoga school to see the curriculum. Make sure what they will cover is what you want to learn or experience.

Who is the Trainer Who Will Lead the Retreat

Many people choose the yoga school for their yoga teacher training course on the basis of the trainer. They will even go so far as to choose that specific course only for the teacher whose yoga they admire. The same goes for yoga retreats in Nepal. You would want to be sure that the teaching style of the trainer leading the retreat will suit you. An unsuitable teacher can make your experience horrid, even to the point of turning you off yoga entirely.

In Conclusion

Yoga retreats in Nepal can be a liberating experience for many. But it can be a disaster if you do not choose well. Pokhara has a large number of great yoga schools to choose from. A top yoga school in Pokhara like Pokhara Yoga School should work well for you.

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