How to choose the best sunglasses for driving with clear vision

How to choose the best sunglasses for driving with clear vision

When we hear of sunglasses, we only think about celebrities and those summer beach holidays. However, sunglasses aren’t just meant for fashion. They are the most critical driving accessories. Whether you’re driving during the day or night sunglasses can save you a lot of stress. They not only make you feel comfortable while driving but also:

  • Decrease dry-eye issues. These are often caused by environmental problems such as wind and dust.
  • Reduce garish glare from the sun and prevent bright reflections that might cause distractions.
  • Eliminate eye-strain and squinting which can lead to eye problems and development of wrinkles on your face.
  • Protect your eyes from foreign particles particularly when driving in windy conditions.

Although sunglasses make the greatest driving gear, not all of them are suitable for driving. Some may not allow sufficient light or have impaired visibility. Others have lens colors that make it hard for you to distinguish contrast and spectrum for certain stuff while on the road. Therefore, when shopping for driving sunglasses, below are some of the things to consider.

How to choose the right sunglasses for driving?

Consider the color of the lens

Lenses come in different colors. These color variations affect the overall visibility of sunglasses. Lens color impact on the amount of light reaching your eye. As a driver, you need sunglasses that lets you see traffic lights, road signs and even spot certain hazards clearly. Colors such as blue, green and pink are not safe for driving. These colors make red lights hard to distinguish. The best lens colors that are recommended for driving are brown and grey. These colors are neutral and don’t make lights appear faded. Other colors that are safe for driving are amber and yellow. They greatly enhance definition and contrast.

Frame design 

Peripheral clarity is essential when driving. If you choose sunglasses with oversized frames, then you’re more likely to experience obstructed peripheral vision. This can make it hard for you to spot certain hazards on the road leading to increased risk of accidents. For greater vision and better peripheral vision, choose sunglasses with thin arms and large lenses. Those with wrap-around frames are also good as they don’t cause obstruction.

The density of the tint 

Alongside the frame design and color of the lens, you also need to keep in mind the tint density. This is often rated from 0-4. Sunglasses with zero tint density are clear while those with 4 are very dark. Tint density affects the amount of light entering your eyes. Glasses of the same color may have different tint density ratings. Class 2 rated sunglasses are good for driving during the day while class 0 and 1 are recommended for night time and low sunlight respectively. Class 3 lenses are ideal for use in bright sunlight but class 4 is good for use in areas with very bright light conditions like high-altitude areas.

Graduated lenses have dark tint at the upper side than the bottom. They allow you to see the dashboard and at the same time protect you from the bright sun from above.

The coating on the lens 

Lenses are polished with anti-reflective coatings that not only help to promote driving clarity but also improves the overall performance and durability of the glasses. The coatings also repel both grease and water making them easy to clean and use in rainy conditions. The coatings should be scratch resistant as this can affect the clarity of your driving vision.

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