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How to Choose an Outdoor Rug for your Porch or Patio?

Are you planning to place a rug on your porch or patio? Go for an outdoor area rug that takes its inspiration from the surroundings. Now you must be wondering what differentiates an outdoor rug from an indoor one. Well, it is the material that makes an outdoor rug more resistant to the changing weather’s wear and tears.

Decorating your interiors is somewhat different from embellishing the outdoors. Interior decoration is more of coinciding with the wall and floorings. On the other hand, placing an outdoor patio rug or one on your porch is for the purpose of defining spaces. Choosing a rug for your porch or patio primarily depends upon what outdoor rug size, style, or pattern goes with your surroundings.

Factors affecting the choice of an outdoor rug for your Porch or Patio

Like indoor rugs, outdoor ones also need to be selected wisely. When choosing an outdoor rug for your porch or patio, take note of the following rug features:

Outdoor Rug Sizes

Whether indoor rugs or outdoor ones, the rug size is the key to fabulous decor. Always have an outdoor rug size, large enough to include all the primary furniture within, even when chairs are pulled out for sitting. For adding a grounding aspect to the porch avoid placing a smaller outdoor patio rug. Smaller rugs may lead to tripping while making the porch look unorganized.

Some of the common outdoor rug sizes are 6’x9’, 8’x10’, or 9’x12’. If none of the standard outdoor rug sizes fits your space, go for MAT Living’s bespoke services and get a custom rugs that matches your preferences.

Outdoor Rug material


Many times one purchases an indoor rug and places them on their porch or patio. Within no time, the rug color fades and the threads come out. The reason is that indoor rug materials are not durable enough to bear the effect of use. Some of the most suitable outdoor rug materials are synthetic fibers like polyester, polypropylene, and viscose.

Recycled plastic or PET can be used as outdoor rug materials. They will be environment friendly and long-lasting at the same time.

Outdoor Rug Cleaning and Maintenance

Outdoor Rug Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance of outdoor patio rugs are very important. Outdoor rugs on porches and patios make the most dirt and debris from the surroundings. Therefore, regular vacuuming of your outdoor rug can get a few more years out of it. You can also shake your outdoor rug to remove the dirt and debris from it. Otherwise, the best option is to send your outdoor patio rug for professional cleaning as a part of regular maintenance.

How to choose the perfect Outdoor Patio rug?

How to choose the perfect Outdoor Patio rug?

Patios in homes are used for different purposes. An outdoor rug for the patio must be according to the seating arrangements in the area. Like if you are placing a dining table choose a bigger rug. On the other hand, go for a smaller rug that includes the front legs of the couch while placed in an outdoor living room. If you have a swing on your patio a small accent will also look elegant but if it’s a family table, you might need a larger outdoor patio rug.

The Bottom Line Now as you are aware of the standard outdoor rug sizes, and the specifications of the outdoor patio rugs, get one for your porch and patio from MAT Living website. They have a huge collection of outdoor rugs in different shapes and sizes.

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