Health and Fitness · June 7, 2019

How to Choose a Walker for Seniors?

In the old age of human, walking on feet is definitely the hardest thing. Most of the people have to bear the pain when they try to walk. If you are also having the same issue or to someone else, then you can find that a walker is the best choice to fulfill the need. Being selective in approach is necessary to eradicate getting the wrong product that’s why you can follow the below-mentioned factors and get the best walker with ease –

Choose the Type As Per Mobility Aid

There are two types of walkers available in the market. Both are designed are reliable for old people but it basically depends upon the person what is easy to walk with.

  • Standard Walker – These are widely used by old people to get steady support when they walk. There are no tires. You can find four legs which land straight to the floor. This thing can make the walking way easier but it requires the strength of arms.
  • Two Wheel walker – Not so common but definitely the best one in term of mobility. These can take a few hours to get used to but after learning the basics, these can help walking faster. Even, there is no need of applying too much strength in the same work.
  • Three Wheel Walkers – In the previous type, there are two wheels and two normal legs. This one is all on three legs which are attached with the wheels. People who want to have support whenever they try to walk can hop on this one without any doubt.
  • Four Wheel Walker – People who don’t have any problem with the strength and they do not want to lean on then this type is absolutely the best on in all kind. It can fulfill the need and you will get better strength while using these.
  • Knee Walker – The last type is a knee walker where you can find a seat to place knee. People having an issue with one leg or any injury can find it easier to use. There are three legs with wheels and you have one seat to place knee and walk with ease.

Mobility is the primary aid among both. A person who is able to walk and have an issue with the body strength the rollator walker can come in handy. They provide better mobility and they are easy to use also.

Grip and Height

You can find small rubber grips which can make you feel ease during the walk. Mobility enhances with the proper height and better grip that’s why you should go for products which have an adjustable height feature. During the purchase, you can also consider the design for best use.


You can find walkers that are made up of different materials and the most common choice is aluminum because it has a great capacity to hold weight and they are durable also. Choosing premium material will increase the cost also that’s why to be selective for the right selection.