Foods · March 3, 2020

How to choose a theme for your event?

Arranging an event is quite a task. And deciding a theme for it and getting it right is the next level task. A right event is always the talk of the town and on the contrary, a wrong theme can turn it into a bad memory.

Obviously, no one wants to arrange a bad event. It may put a lot of pressure on the individual. That is why; it is important to take help from an event catering in London.

There can be hundreds of themes and ideas when it comes to food. It can be a full-blown tea party or barbeque; there can be anything you like. How to be sure if it will work or not?

Go through these handy tips to get started:

Know your audience

This is the most obvious thing. You cannot have the same food and menu for a 10-year old and 40-year man. Do a bit of research to identify your guests and their preferences.

If they are trendy, go for classic menus. Kids will enjoy something like Fruit skewers.

Consider your budget

It is fun to let your imaginations run wild but everything has a fixed price. You cannot afford everything. That is why; it is important to plan things accordingly. Go for things that actually fit in your budget.

Never start with a half-hearted attempt into any theme. Never underestimate your, or your event planners imagination and ingenuity. Fix a budget and plan things accordingly. Set up a theme that is affordable so that even you can fully enjoy it.

Pull off something that is not heavy on your pocket. Investigate the cost of the theme before deciding on it.

The aims of your event should be clear

What is the purpose of your event? Is it a team planning party, or a dance party? Definitely, themes vary with the aim of the event. If you planning a launch party for a perfume, prefer Gatsby theme. Overwhelmed DJs can work perfectly for kids or teenagers.

Focus on the kind of tone and atmosphere you want to set up. Themes get decided on the basis of motivation. It should add on to the core feel of the event and create the best possible environment.

Decide on the venue

Your venue plays the most crucial role in adding to the theme of your event. You must have heard that larger the place more is the cost; however, this is not true.

Different venues offer a different atmosphere and that’s why their cost and offerings are different too. Also, many venues offer a potential restriction on loud music and drinking. Try out different decors, geometric shapes, and colors to set the tone.

Be realistic about time restrictions

Elaborating a theme is no less than a task. The theme should be simple to execute as well. Ending up quickly, leaving it midway or an abrupt rush job will ruin it all.

Choose for a complex theme only if you have enough helping hands with you. Your event planning company will help you choose the right event and implement in the best possible way.

Start working on it as soon as you get answers to all the above-mentioned things.