Home Decor · December 10, 2019

How To Choose A Ceiling Fan – Buying Tips

One of the must-have home appliances is the ceiling fan. There are many choices available in the market from which choosing the right one is not an easy task. Whether you want to replace the existing fan with a new one or want to buy an indoor or outdoor ceiling fan, you need to consider certain features of it. Here we will discuss the various factors before choosing the ceiling fan.


When you want to buy a new ceiling fan, it is crucial to identify the place where you want to hang it. One can install the fan in a living room or outdoor place.  Because certain fan models are strictly recommended for outdoor places based on the wet/damp rating value.

When you plan to hang a ceiling fan interior of the damp area like a bathroom or outdoor places like a balcony, etc., you need to check whether the fan meets the UL’s wet/damp rating.  This rating is crucial, as it allows the fan to withstand the natural calamities such as the rain, snow and other bad weather conditions. In addition to this, fan with UL’s wet/damp rating has a useful feature such as

  • Resistance towards rust
  • Stainless Steel hardware
  • All-weather blades

Ceiling Fan Size and Mounting Types:

To get the proper output of your fan, choosing the right size plays a vital role. So, make sure that you are measuring your room before you decide on a particular fan model. Also, measure the floor to ceiling height to decide right mount types such as a flush or down rod or standard. You can use the general rule that when your room size is more than 300 sq. ft, you can go with the 52-inch fan or larger. When your room size is larger, it is better to buy two fans and install them for better air circulation.

Here will some of the recommended fan width according to the length of the wall in a room.

  • If the length of the wall is less than 12 feet, you should buy the fan width of 36 inches or less
  • If the length of the wall is 12-15 feet, you should buy the fan width of 40-48 inches
  • If the length of the wall is more than 15 feet, you should buy the fan width of 52 inches

Airflow and Efficiency:

A ceiling fan may either use an AC or DC motor that decides the airflow and efficiency. DC motors are best as they need less energy to rotate the blades of the fan.

High airflow fans are much suitable to use in outdoor areas, as they circulate heavy air to avoid the insects and pests.

In addition to the above features, one has to look at the control options, lights, fan styles, etc. when choosing the ceiling fan.