How to choose a bracelet charger?

How to choose a bracelet charger?

Can you imagine a world without a smartphone? No instant messaging, no face-timing, or memes!

We are past the phase of not wanting a smartphone to live. In today’s world, a smartphone plays an integral part in our life. Moreover, it has become more of a need than a want. And a smartphone with no charge is equivalent to a useless heavy metal box, no matter how advanced or costly it is. 

A charger is a vital element that keeps your smartphone up and running. So it is essential to keep your phone charged all the time. 

But, what if your phone drains out of charge when you are trekking or skiing or just catching up with some friends in the cafe? 

It is quite difficult to always carry a charger and search for a socket to plug in. An easy solution to this problem is a portable and easy to use charger with all the functionalities. This is where the bracelet charger comes into the picture. As fancy as it sounds, a bracelet charger is a data charging cable that could be worn like a bracelet. You can charge your phone whenever and wherever you want with the aid of a bracelet charger. It is stylish and comfortable to wear. A bracelet charger comes in a unisex design so that everyone can make use of it. 

How cool it is to charge with your jewelry?

The minimalistic and rich look makes it comfortable to wear. It looks nothing like a data cable from outside. So don’t worry about wrapping some ugly cable around your hand.

The bracelet chargers come in various designs depending on the type of data cable you want. That is, for a type C charger you would have a different model when compared to a micro USB model. 

This type of charger is becoming a hit among youngsters and more and more companies have started to produce their own bracelet chargers. With an ocean of brands coming in, choosing the best one would be a daunting process. To make it simple for you, listed down are some attributes you have to check before buying any bracelet charger.

  • Material 

Material is a non-negotiable feature that you might need to consider when buying a bracelet charger. We need a bracelet charger to be easily available for charging anytime and anywhere. Keep this in mind while choosing a bracelet charger.

Do not deviate from this purpose and give in for low quality but fancy materials. Always ensure that the bracelet charger is made up of alloy metal or leather. Only a sturdy material can increase your charger’s durability!

  • Aesthetics

Choosing a good looking bracelet charger is equally important as choosing the right material. No one wants to wear a clumsy-looking data cable kind of bracelet. Make sure to choose an aesthetically pleasing bracelet to make you feel fashionable.

  • Length

Ensure that the bracelet is at an appropriate length meeting your exact requirements. Since it is a bracelet it should not be too long or too short to fit your wrist. Because a lengthy charger cable might loosen from your wrist and you would probably miss it. On the other hand, a short cable will tighten around your wrist, and there are chances of the cable ripping off. So, the right length with the right grip should be your ultimate choice.

  • Voltage

Current-voltage is an important technical specification that you need to consider. The voltage level determines how fast the charger can charge your device. Be certain about picking up the charger with a voltage about 5V/2.4A so that the charger is capable enough. Another important thing to consider is to check if the voltage level matched with your phone. The charger should not overcharge and heat the phone or undercharge it.

  • Appropriate proofs

Choose a charge that comes with waterproof, dustproof, and spill-proof facilities.

Since it is a bracelet and has a lot of exposure, it is vital to choose a bracelet charger that supports all the appropriate proof. Choosing an all proof supported charger will also safeguard the connectors from water and dust. 

Bracelet chargers are the most flexible type of charger you can have. Its ability to bring life to your phone anytime and anywhere makes it preferable and feasible. The addition of fashion to the charger will make you look and feel unique. 

Bracelet charger is the trend and people have started embracing it for its ability to solve the most crucial issue in charging!

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