How To Become An Engineer | Guide For Beginners- Receptix

How To Become An Engineer | Guide For Beginners- Receptix

When we take a look around, so many things that we use on an everyday basis are all built by engineers. Be it bridges or smartphones, automobiles or medicines, all of these are a creation of engineering. Engineering is divided into different undisciplined ways that vary from one another. But the one thing every engineer has in common is an innovative mindset and approach. 

In India, Engineering is one of the most popular career choices amongst youngsters. Be it jobs in Kerala for Mechanical Engineers or jobs in Delhi for engineering fresher, you can find a plethora of engineering jobs in all regions of India.

Be it big MNCs, small businesses or startups, Engineers are a demand everywhere. Some of the most popular branches include Civil, Computer, and Electrical. Check out jobs in Kerala for Electrical Engineers.

So if you believe you have an innovative mindset, maybe its time to turn a new leaf and explore the engineering field. But how does one become an Engineer? 

Educational Eligibility

There are two paths that can lead to the required minimum education:

  • Pass 10th standard, followed by a Diploma in Engineering at a college. This three-year Diploma can then be followed by another engineering degree (BE/B.Tech) or you can go for a junior level engineer job.
  • Pass the 12th standard with Physics, Maths, and Chemistry. Then you get an admission for a Bachelors degree in Engineering & Technology (BE/B.Tech).

The admission for B.Tech is conducted by some of the top institutions in India such as NIT & IIT. In order to qualify for IITs, you must appear for JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) and you will be placed according to the score and rank you get. For NITs, you must appear for AIEEE (All India Engineering Entrance Examination).

There are a total of 7 IITs and 20 NITs in India. Along with that there are various colleges and institutions that conduct their own entrance exams. 

Searching For Engineering Jobs

Once you have gained the minimum education in this field, it is time to look for your first job. Many students go for internships during their engineering courses, which is always an added bonus when searching for a job. While doing the course, students decide which field they will specialize in. Hence, the job search will go according to specialization.

Most of the engineering colleges organize a recruitment drive for their students. Recruitment drives usually involve companies approaching colleges and hiring fresh graduates. However, this is not the only option to search for engineering jobs. 

With the rise of more and more online job portals, people are turning towards online job search. There are a few things to keep in mind when searching for a job online:

  • Be specific: Your search should be specific i.e. in terms of location, job profile, or company. For instance, searching for jobs in Kerala for Civil Engineers will bring better search results than “Jobs in Kerala”.
  • Updated Resume: This does not apply to only online job searches. Make sure your resume is up to date before you apply for any job or appear for any interviews. 
  • Use a professional email address: Since you will be applying online, your primary source of communication with recruiters will be via email. So make sure you only give out a professional email address. 
  • Build a solid skillset: While getting the right education is important, having the right skills cannot be emphasized enough. Some of the most important skills for engineers include:
    1) Strong organizational and time management skills.
    2) The ability to work independently as well as part of a team.
    3) Work with supervisors to improve direct labor efficiency.
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