Lifestyle · May 11, 2019

How to be Happy being Alone or Single

Who wants not to be happy! Obviously no one. Do You? I bet you want to be too. Happiness is a precious feeling, hard to find like a hidden treasure.

We can’t buy happiness from market or stalls, but we can do things to bring those feelings inside us. They may be through beach walk, movie watching, or dining with friends. It may be doing something you really love, like a work out in the gym or running in the park. You could be happy by finding it in such small things. So, are you ready riding for happiness?

Love Yourself

If you are getting fed up with your routine and somewhat hate yourself being alone. Don’t you love yourself? You should! You should love yourself being alone. You are such a nice person and no one is like you. God has created you with His great love.

So, there is no reason to hate yourself. The things might change when you know about yourself when you accept your loneliness when you think positive. You have the reason to be happy for maintaining your social status.

Now, I know you are thinking about why your loneliness will affect your social status? It is because when you take effect of your loneliness and worried about it, you will suffer mental illness, your job/business will disturb and financial issues will arise.

Loving yourself and control your emotions will make you fit and happy. For that, you can play your favorite games, treat yourself by cooking food, household chores you can do, go for grocery shopping, take walk in the park, etc. And this will help you to stop thinking from unwanted thoughts.

Accept Yourself

Some of the things, in our surroundings, are not getting changed so let it be as they are. Accept yourself, your style, way of thinking, your life, your reality, and let go of things you couldn’t change. When you will accept life as it is, the things could change as you want.

Acceptance might come when you think positively. Your beliefs become your thoughts, thoughts are your words, words are your actions, habits, values and finally become your destiny!

Your beliefs and thoughts are playing a vital role in your life. Your thoughts lead you toward success or failure. Your mind leads you to a meaningful life when you think positively and accept things.

Learn Yourself

Often you gather with people and your focus on others, not you? But if I ask you how well do you know about yourself! I know you couldn’t reply to me with satisfactory answers. As you are alone now, this is the right time to ask yourself such questions.

Who I am! What are my likes and dislikes! What I want in life! If depressed,  what are Depression causes! When you will start knowing yourself, setting your goals, and your will. You will be able to achieve stability in life. When you get stable, you will become successful. So, work on your personal growth and discover yourself. There are lots of unanswered questions you can explore on The Answerable.

Personal Affirmations

You are perfect with a charming personality. You are too cool and enjoy your own company. Everyone in his own way is a perfect one. You don’t need anyone for your company. You could enjoy by yourself. You could spend your weekend by seeing a movie with a bowl of popcorn. You deserve happiness and to be loved. You are a very special one to the world. You have to love yourself, be kind to yourself, respect yourself.

Motivate Yourself

Groom yourself enough that others want to chase you and be like you. If you want to be like others then you lose your own self and lose the purpose of creation. God has created us for a purpose. No one is like us, our style, thoughts, views, personality, physical appearance is totally different from others. So, leave your marks behind you for others to follow. Start motivating yourself by giving a reward when something good you have done. Treat yourself by celebrating holidays, make activities to be happy.

Know your Worth in a Relationship

And I mean it. I know no one will complete you unless you want it by yourself. But if you are thinking to ‘complete you’ then a practice you should do. You work hard in making yourself so loveable and charming that the others want you to date. Let others think ‘WOW! What a man/woman I am with as a partner. My MR/MS right!’ Go your own way.