How This Year Bakri Eid Will Be Celebrated Differently Under Lockdown

How This Year Bakri Eid Will Be Celebrated Differently Under Lockdown

All over the world, all the religious groups have changed their way of celebration. The places of worship have been closed this year due to the covid-19 outbreak. Everyone has to maintain social distancing and for that, there will be no gathering.

Every year, they observe the day with a holy prayer at the mosque and then they sacrifice the Bakra Eid Goats. The animal has to be divided into three equal parts. While one part id for self, another one should be given to the poor and another one to close family, friend, or neighbor. They also exchange greetings and gifts with each other. Everyone wears new and beautiful clothes to celebrate the day. This grand day end at the special spread where everyone close to the family is invited. Delicious dishes like kebab, mutton biriyani, korma, simai, and many others are relished by everyone.

How it is different this year?

We all know about the situation this year. The contagious Coronavirus has compelled us to change everything that we consider normal to date. It is not advisable to visit crowded places like markets this year. Instead of that, take advantage of online shopping now. You can buy dresses, groceries, and even Goat Online. Moreover, every item will be delivered at your doorstep.

Though we are all well aware of the websites where we can buy foods and dresses, websites like Pashubajaar also deliver Qurbani bakra at home. So, if you are worried that you need to compromise your celebration, then there are still some ways that you can do that without any risk.

Here are the ways that will make the celebration differently yet happily this year.

Donate the needy:
The purpose of the celebration is to share the love and happiness among others. Donating food and cash to the needy is an acceptable custom of Bakrid. This year, you will get the best opportunity to serve poor people. You can arrange a community kitchen or donate groceries to those people who are now jobless due to the lockdown. You can also do monetary help to those. You can also contact some NGO to get some help for your initiation. You can also order Goat Online at best price to donate them to the poor people.

Go Online:
Technology is blessed us with so many things that are very useful for the present scenario. From cashless transactions to online shopping; you can take advantage of all the benefits you can have to maintain social distancing. Many websites are offering contactless delivery for the safety of both their workers and customers. From Pashubajaar, you can buy the Bakra Eid Goat and that will be delivered at your place safely.

Stay Virtual:
A hug can make you feel safe and secured but this year does the job virtually for the sake of the well being of your family and friends. It is mandatory to follow social distancing but you can always call them. A group video call is a great option to celebrate togetherness.

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