Education · December 23, 2019

How School Shapes a Child’s Life?

School plays a significant role in a child’s life. It is during this period that a child’s analytical and decision-making capabilities are enhanced. The foundation is laid down by introducing various subjects along with focusing on a child’s character development. That’s why it is crucial to understand that what happens in school can shape their lifelong perspective. Some experiences can scar for life. 

The mind of a child is impressionable similar to wet cement. Everything in their surroundings can be permanently inscribed, irrespective of good or bad. Therefore at the very beginning, it can be molded and filled with values and morals. When talking about surroundings, it involves home and family (tradition and cultural values) too. It’s a culmination of everything and family being prominent.

One of the other reasons why a child’s education should be overseen is because the future depends upon them. They are the future mother and father; citizen and worker. How a child is nurtured also contributes to societal development. They should be responsible citizens who not only manage their lives but also shape the society.

What are the factors that affect a child’s development? These factors are as follows.

Cognitive development: It’s the ability to learn and solve problems. It enhances with time. As parents tend to teach from very early on to their children. 

Language development: Given the country or region, a child would know the language. Since that language is used to communicate but also should be able to use the language correctly in terms of grammar. For example, a child studying 3rd grade must know which verb form to use.

Social and Emotional Development: This involves interaction with others and encouraging them to initiate conversations. They should be able to speak their minds. The surroundings should make them comfortable enough to interact or inform if something is bothering them.

Motor Skills: this is something that comes naturally. Sometimes a child takes time to develop these skills as it has been seen in many cases. The basic example is a few children take a longer period to speak than others. It’s not a matter of worry but consulting a doctor won’t harm anyone.

Biological factors: Besides similarity in physical appearances, this involves some inherent habits. As per the reports, biological factors play a huge role in shaping a child’s personality. That’s why a holistic environment can ensure a positive outcome.

These were the factors that shape the life of a child. Some of the points are natural and not in control of anything yet school and family are major contributors in shaping everything. That’s why an ideal school must be chosen from the beginning. Starting from playschool to high school! Parents looking for playschools in Faridabad and nearby areas can look search and then enroll their children. There are many top-rated schools in Faridabad and Dynasty International School is one of them.

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