How Practice Plays an Important Role to Win in Rummy

How Practice Plays an Important Role to Win in Rummy

Gardens are not made by sitting in the shade’, goes a saying. Be it any little task and any walk of life, it is the practice that distinguishes an achiever from a commoner. When we talk about the 13 Card Indian Rummy Game, people in the country have been playing it for decades. In the pre-Internet times, card lovers used to play it with real cards. Family and friends would get together to have fun with rummy. Today, you can enjoy the game over the Internet, to compete against players from all over the country, and win real cash prizes. The latter prospect of the brain game rummy, makes practice all the more vital.

Practice is Fundamental

What is it that distinguishes experience from knowledge? It’s practice. Although knowledge can be theoretical as well as practical, when it gets supplemented with experience, it becomes complete and advantageous. Rummy is a simple game of cards that has only a few and uncomplicated rules. It is based on simple number concepts and is easy to learn. But if you want to master the game, you need to practice it well.

Knowing and Doing

There is a vast difference between knowing and doing. While the doer would know as well, it is not necessary that the knower will also be able to do. Knowing rummy means having a knowhow of rummy rules, tips, tricks, and strategies. In order to play rummy deftly, it is essential to know all these aspects and their possible outcomes like the back of your hand – only then you will be able to have fun with rummy.

Example #1

As an example, a much-advised rummy strategy is to discard your high-value cards at the earliest. When you practise enough, you realize that the advice has some exceptions too. For one, if the Royals present themselves in the form of a pure run, they are a perfect asset, and can speed up your progress. Another scenario could be when you already have a pure run in hand. Herein, you can utilize your big cards to form an impure run or a set, with the help of Joker(s).

Example #2

What is the common strategy in the absence of Jokers? You are suggested to better drop the game. How does practice make a difference here? Try carrying on with the game when you are on Free Practice tables, and you will discover there are other ways to turn the rummy tide in your favour. Some players opt to Bluff, some others go for Fishing and Baiting, to get the better of their rivals, and needless to say, many-a-time, they manage to win the game with grit and confidence.

Advantage Rummy Practice

What we intend to say is that it is the practice that makes you adept at the card-melding rummy game. Besides helping you understand the game inside out, a worthy aspect of practice is that it boosts your confidence like nothing else. When you can work out all the different possibilities pertaining to a step by testing it, you are more likely to perform better.

The Way to Practice

If you are wondering how to Practice Rummy for free, we would like to inform you about the facility of Free Practice Rummy games at credible rummy portals like Without paying a penny, you can have a hands-on experience of all the variations of rummy.

The Concluding Guideline

Once you have practised well, and feel ready for Cash Rummy, you can begin by playing on low-stake tables, and gradually, proceed to high-stake rummy games. You can participate in Freeroll tournaments to test and hone your talent with minimal investment, and aspire to make money online with your acquired rummy skills. As such, it is quite obvious that the exercise called Practice proves fruitful in more ways than one. We would like to conclude with another quote – ‘Practice like you have never won, and perform like you have never lost.’

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