Children are more curious, keen to learn, and very imaginative by their nature. When schools and educational institutes conduct online classes, they can offer in a creative, fun, and interesting learning experience. Online classroom learning can make most of the children exciting because of the following reasons. 

Use technology for studies: 

The classroom arrangement is almost the same in the best CBSE schools in Warangal and across the country. The classroom is where all the students sit in their designated seats and listen to the classes while the teacher stands in front of the blackboard and giving a lecture. There are no other options to do for the children other than taking notes answering the questions. But with the online classes, things get more interesting because of the usage of technology. There are some features like chat, screen sharing, recording the class that makes the learning lively and interesting. By this, children not only learn their subjects but also learn how to use technology to the fullest and in a responsible manner. 

Learn from a comfortable environment: 

The uncomfortable seating arrangement, the pressure to speak in front of the other students, eating a meal in the classroom, can create trouble and stress for the child. But, online classes learning gives the child the freedom to learn from home, a place where she has no problem to learn, and a calm place to learn. Learning in a comfortable environment along with a safe environment, away from distractions, and support from the parents can make a child feel motivated to learn. 

Collaborate more with peers: 

Whenever we think of online classes in remote locations, the image of a child staring at the PC or laptop screen is what comes to our mind. But learning from home doesn’t mean that learning alone or being alone. There are some assignments and projects in which students form teams to complete assignments by supporting each other, sharing knowledge, and their skills. Since they are using technology to complete tasks they can connect with each other at any time of the day and as long as they want. Such collaboration is possible when they are attending school and they have a limited amount of time at school. In the day scholar school, it is hard to get collaborate with peers. 

Indulge in blended learning: 

Traditionally, hybrid learning or blended learning is a combination of online learning and classroom learning.  But, nowadays the schools are shifting towards online and the concept of blended learning will have to reevaluate. Conducting a class easy but not to dictate the notes, access the school library, or provide study materials. So, children have to go through the internet to get the information for the projects and assignments. And, while doing this, they will get to know about the browsing and internet usage and understand the right search terms to cross-check and verify the information. This can be very interesting for students because it is something that children have never done before. CBSE schools in Warangal encourages students to do different projects and assignments that make them rely more on the internet to make them integrate technology with learning. 

Learn at one’s convenience: 

When it comes to performing in their daily lives our children perform well at different times of the day. Some children perform well in the morning, some children perform well at night and others do their best at some other time of the day. But, fixing the time in attending the school can make their performance drop for some of the children. While in online classes, children can record classes and they can prepare on their desired time slots at which they can perform well. Best school in Warangal with online classes can provide sufficient time for students to prepare well for exams. 

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