General · January 18, 2020

How NRC can help to stop illegal immigrants in India?

NRC has been a new buzzword in Indian politics and whether you re in favor of it or just find it too rude for the persons living in the country without proper proof of citizenship, you can’t disagree to the fact that this simple step is going to remove lots of illegal immigrants from the country which will eventually make it safer to live for the citizens. However, there are still many readers who aren’t aware of the NRC and what is the main reason for proposing it. To help out such readers, we are going to talk about the National Register of Citizens (NRC) and how it is supposed to stop illegal immigrants in India. So, if you are looking to get more information about the NRC and its working, then this is an ideal read for you to know the essentials about the NRC.

First of all, let’s talk about what actually are illegal immigrants and how they can be a threat to our country.  In the simplest possible words, the illegal immigrants are those persons from other countries like Bangladesh who entered the country by crossing the borders and residing here without any proof of citizenship to make their living which is somehow not possible in their own country. Although it seems a normal process but if you look to this as per the national security point of view, these people can be as dangerous as other intruders who have wrong intentions for India.

NRC is going to keep a good record of the legit citizens of the country and will help the central government to know how many illegal immigrants a state actually has; so that the necessary actions can be made to secure the borders and national security. These legal immigrants are not only threat to the nation but also reduces the job opportunities of the citizens as they are relatively available at much lower rates and thus many companies hire them as labor even though they have no citizen proof.

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