Digital marketing · April 22, 2019

How much to charge while working for social media?

If you are searching for ways to make money by utilizing your social media techniques then read on.

As most of the business houses and firms are searching for individuals which they can employ to assist them in social media marketing along and know about social media management pricing packages in the UK. They usually vouch for young people with a fresh set of ideas and skills.

Social media consultant charge prices throughout the board utilizing different fee structures ranges from $15 per hour to more than $1000 per assignment. How to acknowledge your place?

Here are some simple tips to check out how to charge and how much to charge:

Charge per hour

social media consultants charge approximately $15 or $20 per hour. Take into account these elements while working on an hourly basis

Work experience

If you are a fresher and don’t have much work experiment, then you should probably charge about $15 to $40 per hour. But if you are a specialist holding five years of experience then you can surely move ahead charging $45 to $ 75. If you hold more than five years of experience under your belt then you cab more further ahead with $80 to $100 and even more.

kind of client you are dealing with

You should take into account the kind of client you with and the level of their accordance. You can charge a similar amount to every customer which you come across. Set a higher charging scale for corporate clients and a lower one for struggling or none profit organizations. Social media consultants generally customize their packages as per the requirements of every customer.


this may cause an impact on how much you can make up, inclusive of your cost of living, but this likely cant cause impact on the actual rates, as an extensive proportion of social media consultants are present to offer their services.

The hourly basis for social media management prices in the UK is the simplest manner to work with. You can trace back your hourly performance on every assignment and charge the customer respectively. The greater hours you devote in your worm the greater scale of money you will secure in your pocket.

Charge per assignment

This works ideally for assignments related to developing social media strategies. You will have to look for the proportion of time and efforts to will have to spend on the assignment and what to charge for it. Here are the tips for it:

Know your needs

figure out what you can earn on an hourly basis as this will support you in ascertaining your fees. While starting it will be tough for you to ascertain how many hours you need to out in but after holding a considerable experience you will be well versed with it.

Knowledge as worthy as efforts

if you are capable of furnishing a project rapidly as you have well versed in performing similar assignments before, demand a fee on the proportion of work done.

Attempt to have a monthly retainer for frequent work

While you are examining your online society for a client, this works ideally well. For a fresh set of client you can charge a one-time arrangement fee which involves the cost of developing strategies and social media profiles, and then go ahead with monthly retainers to handle the network and expand the quality.

If you do not have any idea on how much you should charge from a customer, try out providing some interesting packages such as the initial basic package is of $1000 per month, an enhanced level of package cost about $2000 and the professional package cost $3000.

Ensure that the most inexpensive alternative is not anything less than you desire to work for as most of the customer will knock the first door.