Computer & Internet · October 23, 2019

How Much RAM do I need in my Laptop?

While thinking about buying a laptop or a personal computer, several questions can be quite daunting for you. How much RAM do I Need in my laptop? Is laptop memory and RAM is the same things? Which HP laptop I should purchase to play games without hanging of the system? If you are tech-savvy, then these are the common questions that you would have in your mind. Right? Luckily, it is easy to understand how much RAM you need on your laptop with this guide. 

RAM is nothing but a temporary data storage memory that allows data to be accessed instantaneously. A program stores temporarily in the computer’s memory until you save it. Therefore, to get the fast performance of your laptop or computer, it is important to upgrade the RAM.

How much RAM you should buy for your laptop?

Remember that RAM is used to smoothen the performance of a system. There is not a particular size that fits all when it comes to choosing the RAM for your laptop. Like if you want a system just for basic things like to take notes, to write and to surf internet then you don’t need to upgrade RAM and the pre-existing RAM will work and you don’t have to worry about memory while on the other hand, if you are considering to develop the next best-selling app, renter videos and large files then, of course, you need to take care of RAM or you might need to buy HP memory online at best price to enhance the performance of your laptop or computer. 

If you don’t have enough RAM in your PC to retrieve or read data for the advanced processing tasks, then you would not have a good system using experience, therefore, it becomes necessary to upgrade the memory of your system. 

For those who just want to perform the bare computing functions at their laptop, a computer or laptop with just 4G of RAM is enough for them. If you want your computer to work flawlessly and want to accomplish multiple tasks at the same time such as graphic designing, gaming as well as programming, then you need around 8GB of RAM in your personal computer. 

For those, who do not only perform bare computing functions but as well as push the boundaries of the PC’s capabilities to run several programs at the same time, it is necessary to choose laptops containing memory around 16 GB RAM or 32 GB RAM. 

If you are considering changing your laptop just because it doesn’t match your memory requirements, then the reason is not enough. In case of memory issues, you can always buy external memory online or get a memory extension on your laptop or PC.

How much RAM is needed for a smoother gaming experience?

If you want to run games on your PC, then you should buy a laptop with at least 8 GB of RAM or even with more RAM capacity to get good gaming experience. And if you want to run other programs such as internet, music, live streaming, and so on, then again, the RAM capacity should be higher and it should be 16 GB of RAM. 

In the end, it depends upon the usage of the laptop that how you use your laptop or computer. Consider the above-given things that will help you in deciding the RAM for your computer. If you not having a good laptop using experience, chances are you need higher RAM to enhance the performance of your system. Just buy memory online at affordable prices and enhance the speed of your system.