How mobile apps are a benefit to the hospitality industry?

How mobile apps are a benefit to the hospitality industry?

The year 2020 has not been much of a great year. A lot of people around the globe are stuck in hardships and challenges. The ones suffering the most from the COVID-19 pandemic in terms of timing and the amount of lost business are the companies in tourism and hospitality.

How and why? The pandemic halted all travel and made vacationing next to impossible for almost everybody. Even with restrictions cooling off, travel is still facing restrictions amid rising COVID-19 cases. Hence the average consumer cannot travel.

Let us think about the number of hotel rooms and small businesses that were expecting spring and summer of 2020 to be as usual as they can be, to be in a smooth direction able to handle tourists easily. 

Rooms are however empty; bars and restaurants need to make special accommodations to maintain social distancing and an even flow of customers. This eventually led to innovations and creative work arounds that have changed the industry overall.

Now we will keep the talk light and have a look at how hospitality companies can make benefits from integration of new technologies in the current market and in themselves to lift themselves up with advantages for their future.

In what ways can hospitality companies benefit from mobile apps?

Mobile apps can be used in numerous ways by consumers for the purposes of entertainment, eCommerce, planning, communications, media, news, sports and the like. With a lot of categories and genres being in the app universe, one may ask; how does all this related to the hospitality industry?

Well, when it comes to hospitality; a renowned app development company Toronto has a core focus on hotels, bars, restaurants, theme parks and other hospitality places with a focus on event-based gatherings involving music festivals, trade shows and the like.

What is the distinction between the above? The distinction is that anything focused around a group of people making unique plans and accommodations in hosting or providing service for another group of people in simple terms.

The distinction lies in those centered around a group of individuals creating unique plans and accommodations in hosting or providing services for another group of people. Now let us have a look at some possible uses for mobile technology in the hospitality industry today.

Hotels and Motels

Hotels have a unique business model as it is an asset. It basically relies on generating a designated number of guests to balance the facility’s cost and labor costs too. In general, they would prefer to know how many bookings have been made in any given period of time. It can be the place where any app development company can improve through their mobile app development technologies and app ideas.

One of the best benefits of mobile apps for hotels is that they can improve the booking process and create exposure about the deals the hotel has to offer. This lets the hotel generate more bookings through the system instead of relying upon external booking sites that always demand a commission from the hotel’s potential profits.

A mobile app could be used for offering customers/users specific deals i.e. deals of the app’s regular users. It can provide them booking information automatically and can also settle payments with relevant ease. In such a case, hotels themselves can use elements from other technologies (blockchain especially to have a more secure process for payment).

With blockchain, transfer of funds becomes secure through an anonymous chain of transactions. Each transaction is added to the transaction chain and transmitted without getting traced back to its source (meaning the chain of transactions is secure).

It sounds something of an interesting concept often found in top secret military projects, spy movies, software development in the future and the like. The effectiveness of this kind of tech is used by enterprise level organizations and those startups who decide to create the payment process foundation on technology, which is tested, new and respected.


To stand out in the hospitality industry, hotels need more than just beautiful rooms, free breakfast, big pools, gym, amenities and great reviews. Setting a business apart requires the whole process to be pleasant, smooth and streamlined. No gimmicks or publicity stunts are needed to stand out.

A stay in a lovely room with a seamless process and a good price helps make a monumental difference.

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