Medical · November 16, 2019

How is the Life of Medical Students in Germany

Are you planning to study abroad?

Every country is rich with its own characteristics which can push you off the edge and you can learn from them.

Before starting any adventurous and purposeful journey and living in Germany one needs a lot of pre-planning and prior consideration. If you are considering a land that is fascinating and challenging both at the same time; then Germany is a good place to consider for your higher studies.

Germany is an absolute beauty and it is as peaceful as a paradise. It is a wonderland and you will be amazed by its experience.

Due to the very high demand for medical professionals in Germany; universities set difficult admission criteria for local and foreign medical students. In spite of very tough competition individuals all over the world plan to pursue their Medical Training in Germany.

Study in Germany

Germany has a world-class curriculum designed to give both hands-on practical experience and in-depth theoretical knowledge. At the top international level, German universities hold a place and offer enormous opportunities for learning and research.

Medical Training in Germany includes innovative teaching methodologies such as training with simulators and a combination of practice and theory with a well-networked medical community.

Most of the German education institutions are fully funded and run by the Government. Some colleges in Germany are privately funded by Businesses and Churches of the country.

Living expense in Germany is higher. In Germany, a student’s life actually differs from one city to another. The living expenses will change based on your city and certain neighborhoods in that city.

Cost of Living

In overview, in Germany, student life is very much affordable. Whether a native or an international student; German education offers nearly free education for every applicant.

The annual fees in any private Universities can go up to 20000 Euros annually.

But with a good scholarship, one has to pay very less amount. The cost is limited to Semester contribution, administrative fee, Residency permit Charges, Visa expenses, Health insurance, Travel Card to travel by buses, subways, and trams.

Health insurance is a must. Your admission cannot be accepted in any German University without proper health insurance.

Both private and public corporations can fulfill your health insurance needs. It is better to opt for a public company’s insurance as it is more affordable.

The public transport is absolutely free which is coved in your semester fees paid.

Residence and Accommodation

Students often opt for dorms in Universities which is affordable and safe. However, you have to book in advance to acquire or find good accommodation.

In Germany, the average rental prices for accommodation in an apartment may vary between 150 and 350 Euros. Major cities like Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, or Frankfurt have rent on the higher side. Often students share the room with the natives. This often comforts them and introduces them to others to coexist.

Food and Cuisine

Every city in Germany has Indian, Italian, Asian, French, Spanish, Russian restaurants all around.

German cuisine evolved greatly with the presence and influence of international cuisine and it’s likely that one find their local dishes in the neighborhood.

Students receive good discounts in most of the popular restaurants with their Student IDs. Moreover, one can easily find low-cost eateries around every corner of the city offering meals starting at 4 Euros.

The restaurants are expensive and lots of students prefer to cook on their own as it will save a lot of time and money. Most of the students prefer cooking and they learn it before coming to Germany.

Culture, Society, and Safety

Germany is in the heart of Europe and you can experience its rich culture and every neighboring country in it. It has an exceptional reputation for their openness, simplicity, innovative methods and overall quality of their life.

Germans are practical and formal in their daily lives. Prior knowledge of dos and don’ts is expected behavior from a foreigner. You have to be vocal to be noticed even in everyday communication.

They are very punctual in their life and they hate who is late. They really work really hard even on Sundays. They prefer to be honest and have a straight forward approach.

Whatever your lifestyle is or any sort of preference; you will find Cafes and bars of all kinds. Nightlife in Berlin is very popular and every other city in Germany.

Germans like to party indoor and also outdoor activities keep them fit. Germany is a welcoming destination for international students without any racism or bullying like in the US.

Germany is absolutely safe and is never of concern anytime. People in Germany follow rules and they do not waste their time in any unnecessary arguments. They are also helpful, but the thing is you need to ask once.

You can comfortably roam around even late-night without any issue in most parts of the German cities. In case of emergency, security personnel like Police are always around to help you out.

Different activities occur all over Germany and students get good concessions and discounts on cinemas, museums, theatres, operas and many other cultural venues.

Sometimes you will feel it’s the best place in the world you ever wanted to be and sometimes you might feel it’s the most uncomfortable place in the world.

In Germany, you can find so many Indians as your senior fellow students. You will feel better and comfortable in this new world surrounded by a lot of unknowns. Student life in Germany is not very different from any other international world.


In Germany, you have to follow the rules which they have been formulated. Rather, there is no harm in adapting to the German rules. You might feel bad at the start but you will be extremely happy later, as it has actually helped you in harnessing your overall personality. Like it or not, once you know Germany and Germans, you will have friends forever.