How Heart attack is Different From Cardiac Arrest

How Heart attack is Different From Cardiac Arrest

How many of you still believe that cardiac arrest and heart attack are the same health problem?

This is a common belief about the similarity; however, both terms are different. Most people consider both of them as same, hence skip the right step to attend the patient suffer from this problem at any point in time.
Without any delay, let’s take the basic definition of Heart attack and Cardiac arrest.
Heart Attack: The heart attack occurs due to blockage of coronary arteries. There are multiple reasons for blockage that can either be an increased cholesterol level or any blood clot. If you reach an excellent Heart specialist in Jaipur, the patient can be saved. The shortage of oxygen is the primary reason behind death due to heart attack.

Common Signs of Heart Attack:

Chest pain
Feeling dizzy or lightheaded
Unexplained tiredness
Nausea and vomiting
Shortness of breath

Cardiac Arrest: The cardiac arrest is the situation when the heart stops working even during the smooth blood circulation. People with heart attack problems can get cardiac arrest due to abnormal heart rhythm.

Common Signs of Cardiac Arrest:

No Pulses
No breathing

How can you safeguard your body from a heart attack and cardiac arrest?
The smoothest way is to attend the Heart care centre in Jaipur for a checkup and diagnose the initial symptoms. If you are not diagnosed with any symptoms, you can continue living a healthy lifestyle without worrying a lot. However, in case, the test results are positive, you should undergo the treatment without delay and take prescribed instructions to boost your body strength and curb the diseases.
Some basic tips to enhance your immunity and strength are:

Do Regular Workout: Regular workout helps your entire body to work and get smooth functioning. Proper functioning of every body part is crucial to living a healthy life.
Ensure Right Diet Intake: A healthy diet is essential to enrich your body with the required nutrients and minerals. The deficiency of any vitamins/minerals can also develop a health problem supporting heart diseases. Keep in mind; it’s important to avoid junk food or processed food.
Quit Smoking: Smoking has become a significant reason behind increasing deaths due to heart attacks. Addictive smoking damages your lungs to an extreme level that is the only source of regular healthy breathing. Lack of oxygen causes heart malfunction, resulting in heart stroke.

Take Regular Health Checkup: Regular complete body checkup is always a plus for your health. If you are conscious about your health, you should undergo all tests to diagnose any unpredicted disease and curb it in the initial stage. Remember, it’s easy to control the disease in its initial stage as compared to the last stage.
Above all, both the situations/problems are emergency cases that need to be treated without any delay. A small delay can make you lose the patient and end up with unexpected death.
So, always take care of the patient and keep track of the health to avoid such health problems and ensure a healthy life.

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