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How evidence are important in getting Australian Visa Approval – All you need to know!

Thousands of visa applications received by the Australian Department of Immigration but only a few are approved while the rest are knocked out. Do you know, why? There could be many reasons like ineligibility, fraud, any mistake while filling the application form, misunderstandings and inconsistencies. People often end up in wasting thousands of dollars to be spent on migration fees and left in disguise as they are not able to understand the reason for the rejection of their application.

Contacting the authorities to understand the reasons for rejection is far-off from reality. Hence it is important to understand the entire process, how the system work and on what basis a department approve any application to get through.

So, let us discuss the role of various evidence to justify you’re genuine and eligible to acquire an Australian visa

Business, Family and work are particularly three visa types which require much substantiating evidence to be verified independently. The qualifications, relationships, work histories and asset holding are the important information which needs to be backed with considerable evidence to get through the visa application process.

Only wealthy individuals can apply for an Australian Business visa and also need to prove that the wealth which they declared, belong to them and not to any trust. A migration lawyer familiar with the company and trust structures needs to be referred. It is judicial to contact Migration agents in Brisbane to get through the visa process efficiently.

In case, you are self-employed, the Third-party documentation is a mandate. The government approved documentation has higher consideration than private documents. For proving the employment, bank records, group certificates, pay-slips and tax returns are an important source of evidence. If you are trying to prove that you were in employment for 40 weeks, the bank statements for those 40 weeks showing the wage deposits and the various pay-slips can evident your work for such particular tenure.

To prove your marital relationship status, it is important that your marriage must be legally registered.

If you have applied for a certain skill but do not possess any certification for that, you can present the receipts and admission proofs to justify that you have lodged to a certain course.

If you are looking for the partnership visas, a genuine and lasting relationship is the prerequisite. Joint accounts and Joint billing are the evidence which are accepted by the Australian immigration department. However, the detailed written accounts from relatives and friends can also work, If you do not have a joint account.

It is important that all the statements that you provide must be cross-referenced to avoid any discrepancy and doubts.

The best way to get a quick Australian Visa is to refer to immigration agents in Brisbane who can comprehensively guide you through the entire process. Their vast experience will let you escape the general mistakes which most of the applicants make leading to the visa application.

Although, it is important to understand that there is no escape to the eligibility and the documentation required. So, if you have necessary documents and are eligible as per the guidelines of Australian Immigration departments, filling an application in the right way will get you through!