Home Decor · February 22, 2020

How Durable Is Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is a made up of a thin slice of solid wood with high-quality plywood layers as a base. This type of flooring has good stability and is less prone to environmental conditions such as shrinking and wrapping. Engineered wood flooring has numerous impressive style options to choose from.

Let us now understand how engineered wood flooring is durable:

  1. Since this engineered oak flooring has multi-layer construction, it can be coated over a concrete slab as well. If you choose to do so, ensure to make the subfloor waterproof and fill all the cracks if any before installation.
  2. Engineered wood flooring has a higher tolerance to moisture and temperature fluctuations as well. Therefore it can be installed in basements and other moisture-prone areas. Provided proper moisture barrier is installed it is incredibly durable. The life of the floor is expected to be 40 years or more, which is long enough to get out of it.
  3. Engineered oak flooring has a top layer of solid wood that is not vulnerable to the drawbacks of having wooden flooring. These floors don’t get easily dented and scratched. Although few marks are not an issue and are neither a big deal. The benefit of engineered flooring is that you can fix it by applying wax, or based on who the manufacturer is, get it renovated once or twice.

Engineered parquet flooring is widely considered one of the most stunning and beautiful styles among engineered wood flooring. Its unique geometric pattern features all the complexities of parquet. Its bespoke visual appearance enhances its durability.  Engineered parquet flooring is indistinguishable to traditional flooring with more strength and stability.

Even though engineered wood floors are prone to scratch and dent compared to other floorings, with daily traffic-engineered wood flooring stands up exceptionally well. The scratches and dents can be covered through refinishing or adding some character to it. Such flooring can be installed in any room whether it’s a hall or bedroom and even in the basement because of its great tolerance towards moisture without getting damaged. The return on investment of these floors is incomparable. Although it has expensive installation then laminate flooring or other normal flooring, but the life span of wood flooring is way better than those normal flooring.

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