Lifestyle · September 27, 2022

How Does Fire Redundant Plywood Work?

Plywood has come a long way since its introduction. They are no longer those sheets of wood merely meant for constructing furniture. They have multiple purposes to provide. With the addition of a few layers to their surface, they are made even more durable and powerful.

Speciality plywood is very popular these days. They have a purpose. Although they could be a little taxing on your pockets, they provide the needed protection. Fire redundant type of plywood is among the most demanded ones. As the name suggests it protects from fire.

Fire redundant plywood is very useful for the following:

  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Theatres and halls
  • Offices
  • Chemical factories and other such areas.

While wood is the most vulnerable material to fire, CenturyPly has come up with its latest Firewall technology. The technology protects wood and furniture from catching fire and here is how it works.

What is fire retardant plywood?

Plywood that is treated or coated with a layer of fire-resistant chemicals is known as a fire retardant ply. The plywood protects from fire accidents and burns at a slower rate. It emits low smoke and avoids the release of any harmful chemicals as it burns.

It is also termite-free and water resistant making it a perfect option for kitchens and other public areas.

How does the wood function?

The FR grade plywood is mentioned in document IS:5509. They are known to protect houses and other public places from burning down and avoid all sorts of toxic chemicals and smoke created from burning. The wood is environmentally friendly and very durable.

The plywood is covered in a layer of diammonium hydrogen phosphate in such cases. It prevents fire from catching quickly and gives about 15 to 30 minutes for people to rescue the area. In other words, the ply takes about 15-30 minutes for the flames to penetrate the ply.

The slow-burning gives enough time for you to escape the area. Furthermore, it is known to produce the least smoke making the area of fire accidents bearable. The plywood must have a similar thickness and size as any normal wood.

Why do we need fire-retardant plywood?

Fire retardant plywood provides the required time to act in critical times. It provides fire accident prevention as fire is stopped from blazing further. In the case of fire-retardant plywood flammability and smoke generation is very minimal.

The plywood is easy to install and it holds on to screws much more effectively than a normal piece of wood. It is bend resistant and very strong for everyday use. Furthermore, the wood is also weather resistant and waterproof making it even more durable.

The layering is also waterproof meaning the wood shall not lose its property even when it is exposed to water. There is a very slow temperature rise in these types of wood, making them least reactive to fire and other flammable gases. Wood is a necessity especially when there are small kids around.

Which plywood brand should I opt for?

The plywood you select must be certified by the ISI. It must be approved by a few national testing agencies to make it trustworthy.

Opt for brands like CenturyPly. It comes with a Firewall technology and is certified by Spectro Analytical Labs Limited, IPIRTI and the National Test House Report.

Do not fall prey to heavy prices and fake brands. Be sure to check the authenticity of the plywood. While buying a CenturyPly be sure to check its authenticity on the CenturyPromise app.

Few things to consider

Here are a few things to consider while choosing the right fire retardant plywood.

  • Check the quality of the ply and only opt for the best brands
  • Be sure the ply is certified and guaranteed
  • Seek a warranty on the product you purchase
  • Install them in all the areas vulnerable to fire, water and heat.
  • Make sure they comply with the standard norms set by ISI and other Indian testing agencies.


While wood is a good conductor of fire, we have come a long way indeed with the invention of fire-retardant plywood. They are a secure option to install at homes. In case of emergencies, these can come handy.

Be sure to interact with the experts to get all the required information. Fire retardant plywood is an ingenious technology and must be installed in homes and offices. The installation of this technology will help to create a safer environment in your residential apartments as well as within an office space. Conduct a thorough research online to learn more about the use and application of the Firewall technology.