Business · September 20, 2022

How Can You Improve Your SEO in BigCommerce?

One of the most common searches out there is “How can I improve my SEO in BigCommerce?” and right up there with it is “Is BigCommerce good for SEO?” 

So we thought we’d take it upon ourselves to shed some light on some answers. 

Why BigCommerce Can Be Good for SEO 
First off, BigCommerce is good for SEO – that is, as good for SEO as any platform can be, considering that SEO is a process and not a feature. 

Any platform can be good for SEO if you take the proper steps to optimize it. 

With that being said, BigCommerce does offer a few nice features that make it relatively easy to optimize, even for a novice. 

Here are a few things: 
● Being hosted, BigCommerce offers great site speed and security.
● BigCommerce assigns unique URLs, which are easy to edit.
● Metadata fields are easy to access and edit in the backend, enabling streamlined on-page SEO.
● There are numerous SEO-friendly themes compatible with BigCommerce. 
● The relatively open BigCommerce API makes integrations easier. 
● BigCommerce automatically generates an XML sitemap. 
● The BigCommerce platform automatically creates a 301 redirect whenever you change a URL.
● The platform also features a CDN, or content delivery network, that keeps the platform fast, boosting UX scores (which in turn helps SEO).
● BigCommerce features a built-in blog, which can be optimized for both UX and SEO. 

Looking back over it, it actually seems like there are quite a few good reasons that BigCommerce is “good” for SEO. 

At the very least, the platform is a great jumping-off point for merchants that want to create a successful SEO marketing strategy for generating more organic traffic and reaching more customers online. 

Now let’s talk about why it’s still worth it to hire a qualified BigCommerce SEO agency.

How a BigCommerce SEO Agency Can Help Improve Your SEO 
While BigCommerce is a great eCommerce platform for the reasons enumerated here (and many others) there is a lot that a platform can’t do, that a team of BigCommerce SEO experts can. Let’s take a look at some of these. 

● No platform can perform keyword research, which underpins every SEO strategy. 
● A BigCommerce SEO agency’s specialists can optimize the ranking signals on your pages to ensure they are SEO optimized.
● A partner can draft product and category page content for you that is SEO-optimized. 
● A partner can offer you insight for conversion rate optimization and excess code minification that can make your BigCommerce store SEO and UX-friendlier. 
● They can scan your website for broken links, toxic backlinks, and other crawler errors. 
● BigCommerce SEO optimization services often entail link-building, which can vastly improve the DA of and referral traffic to a BigCommerce website.
● SEO experts can optimize local listings. 
● SEO experts often offer support services that can bolster the effects of your organic SEO strategy, like social media and content marketing services. 
● They often also provide design and development services that can also be used to benefit UX and SEO. 

Moreover, providers of BigCommerce SEO services are well versed in the search engine algorithms that correspond to fluctuations in organic search engine rankings that can drive traffic to your online store. 

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