How can Microtunneling Contractors Give a Cost Effective Solution?

How can Microtunneling Contractors  Give a Cost Effective Solution?

The underground infrastructure is the project that is completed with the help of  microtunneling. These are usually motivated by the costs that are involved with the project. This is a method that can either minimize the costs of the project. Initially, the excavation was done by open-cut excavation methods but it was very expensive and so the contractors are now using microtunneling.

The concept of microtunneling is a recent technology that issued as an advancement in underground engineering. The professionals in this sector are highly experienced or else it would be difficult to perform this task efficiently. This method was first developed in Europe but gradually the process began to be sued in a wide range of pipe sizes.

What is Microtunneling?

Microtunneling is defined as a digging technique that is a combination of a pipe jacking method and a remotely controlled construction process. Since the process has extensive techniques, it avoids any types of open trenches. The pipe that is laid ensures that there is less destruction to the rest of the people living in that area. It just requires a small tunnel boring machine to complete the project allowing a direct route.

Rehabilitation of the Sites

The microtunneling contractors prefer to use this method unlike open-cut methods mainly due to the use of a smaller site footprint. This is a method that requires only entry and an exit which is quite affordable. If for example the trenching is done for sidewalk, or pavement which is considered to be high-density areas, then it is found to be extremely cost-effective. It is estimated that the microtunneling contractors would require around 70% of the direct costs of the project. The best thing about microtunneling is that requires less disruption of the surface. The other benefit is that the costs of site rehabilitation are greatly reduced. The contractors would require fewer costs as far as labor, excavation and backfill is concerned.

The Microtunneling Process is Very Clean

The process of microtunneling is extremely environment-friendly and so the microtunneling contractors prefer this method. They know that the procedure is a clean one as it allows both incoming and outgoing of the materials in a reduced quantity. It is also not harsh on the surroundings as well as boosts safety benefits for the workers. You will find that the amount of soil and the stone backfill is in a condensed form. The process is less disturbing to the local environment and so it becomes even more effective.

Working Environment is Safe

The reason that the microtunneling contractors use this method is that it has a safe underground construction process. It is very much conducive to the environment as the construction is done with a trenchless construction process. The construction of utilities is a necessity, especially in busy areas. But the microtunneling contractors feel that the use of this method only can protect the environment and the workers.

  • The trenchless construction that is carried out the pipe jacks is installed between a drive shaft and a reception shaft. In order to prevent the contamination of the environment as well as the ingress of the water in the pipeline, the design of the reception arrangement ensures that the exit points are out of the ground. This is a method that is specifically designed to use the accurate size of the drive shaft so that the installation of the pipe can be promoted.
  • The microtunneling contractors use this method for underground construction as it is possible to focus on the vacuum extraction system. This is the one that ensures a cleaner environment.

From the above-mentioned point, we found that microtunneling is a cost-effective and extremely environment-friendly process Do your research and choose experienced microtunneling contractors to get the best service at the best price.

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