Tour and Travels · December 23, 2019

How can hotel overbooks be irksome for your business

On a certain day the pre-booked guests appeared in your front office, but you have to inform them that they can’t have a room as they are overbooked. Imagine the condition of your mistakes. The hotel overbook will certainly infuriate your guests and they may go frenzy  about it. You may end up getting negative remarks about the online services which would travel at high speed.

How to manage  hotel overbookings

The hospitality industry is not an industry where you can go wrong in regard to your guest in particular. You can’t deprive  a guest,  giving the service they by now paid for. So you must avoid overbooking following a few strategies. Here are some overbooking solutions which you can surely carry out:

  • Explain the guest about the issue of overbooking particularly in case of online booking platform is very common. Then, propose alternate solutions calmly.
  • You can offer the guest upgraded rooms, to replace the room that he booked for,  as you are unable to give him the room for hotel overbook. You can offer this upgrade with no extra cost charged against. It will make make his experience better.

Essentially, compel him to add good reviews online of your hotel by offering him the best services.

What if the guest can’t be convinced

In case the guests don’t agree to stay in your offered room, you can ask them  if they would prefer a room at the same price in another nearby hotel as long as their room is available.

When do the hotel overbooking solution may work in your favor

First, once there is hotel overbook close all the ends of online platforms. This will keep clear all your chances of getting confused regarding the further room booking.

Second, perform the night audit of the hotel rooms.  Yes, it helps to give you a picture of locked rooms with a distinct picture of your occupied rooms and available rooms. This helps picking out the overbooked rooms easily if any.

But, the hotel overbook can be amiable too. Let it a peak season, most guests are less prone to use the rooms they have booked for. So the chances are that some may cancel their bookings,  don’t forget there are last minute no shows too.