How Brain Development Influences Holistic Development in Children

How Brain Development Influences Holistic Development in Children

For a child to progress in the real world outside holistic development is a must in the initial years. Teachers at preschool in Ahmedabad and parents at home together with work for such a development. And one the ways to address early age education amongst children is to stimulate their brains.

The brain development is a key to the overall development and this is possible when the child is enrolled in a daycare centre that caters to such activities. Early childhood is the right time for children to learn new things as they tend to form synapses rapidly than at any other age or stage in life.

The reason is that their brain produces more than what’s required during the early years and they won’t require all those things during adulthood. This makes room for children to learn quickly and adapt to new things faster than any adults.

Understanding the concept of Holistic Childhood Development

Holistic development involves an all-around child development that addresses their cognitive, language, social-emotional and physical growth. The parents should understand the importance of such a development as something that moves beyond the basic textbook-based academic development. There are activities and dedicated programs for children to ensure such holistic development.

And since brain development plays a larger role in Holistic Development, the first step is to activate children brain by creating self-awareness. Preschools offering holistic development programs aim to provide children with lifelong experiences that enable developing both the brain hemispheres. Activities promoting holistic development through the right usage of brains are mentioned below in the diagram.

Role of Parents in Brain Development

It’s no surprise that parents have the major role to contribute the best for their child’s brain development. And when it boils down to parents there are plenty of other factors too that contributes to brain development. This involves;

–    Socio-economical position of the family from where the child hails

–    Financial condition or income group in which the child’s family fall into

–    Education of parents

–    Immediate surroundings and support system that contributes to major time that a child spends with.

Parents should actively participate in playing games with their toddlers for their holistic enrichment. His intrinsic abilities and academic brilliance ultimately rely on the conducive atmosphere provided and parental efforts undertaken for holistic brain development.

For the brain to grow, children also require access to conducive and stimulating early learning environments along with timely food that guarantees adequate nutrition. Parents too need to have a better relationship with their child which contribute immensely to a child’s overall brain development. Holistic brain development demands a quintessential blend of play and fun with a healthy social, emotional and physical development.

Activities for holistic child development also has a significant role to play in children’s mental health and development that assures their well-being. There is a test that every teacher are recommended to take for ensuring a child’s mental growth.

This is called APGAR which involves – Activities, Pulse, Grimace, Appearance and Respiration. This is usually taken within the nine months of the child’s birth which defines how a child’s gross motor skills and fine motor skills will eventually develop.

Role of Preschool teachers in a child’s holistic development

Preschool teachers aim to strike the right balance between and brain and physical growth to ensure holistic development. This means children, engage in a lot of physical activities like those that involve improving their gross motor skills and fine skills.

Part of curriculum at daycare center in Ahmedabad also involves brain games that involve playing a memory game, solving a puzzle, asking a child to identify fruits/vegetables, etc. And when it comes to holistic brain development, the preschool teachers consider addressing pervasive growth elements like emotional, physical, spiritual, rational, and intellectual. Observational methods are implemented to ensure such a development regarding how the child behaves alone and in the group, how he/she cope up with studies, and how one reacts to a certain situation.

Helping holistic development means educational development, brain development, spatial mathematical learning, creating more language development opportunities creativity and the formation of one’s individual identity.

Here a teacher observes even the minutes of the child’s activities like sucking, rooting, grasp reflex, sucking, pupils reacting to light, swallowing reflex and even walking reflex to ensure how child’s senses reflect and whether the APGAR score tells the true story.

External Elements Influencing Brain Development

Brain development is heavily influenced by external forces which may sometime be some time out of sight for parents and teachers both. Understanding the concept of nature vs. nurture bring us to conclude that it is genes that fuels this mass synapse formation.

On the other hand, it is the environment that fine-tunes the brain helping children to make crucial choices of accepting and rejecting.

It is established that with frequent use of synapse amongst children or perhaps, success in proven idea or skill will strengthen that particular synapse. Using frequently performed activities that involves walking, speaking etc. remains ingrained in a child’s brain and the things that aren’t repeated wipes off there after a certain period.

Therefore, its important for teachers and parents alike to take care of the environment surrounding the child. Then, the efforts should be made to create an ideal environment for a child’s brain development. Tapping in their social interactions, everyday behavior and responses to routine should give enough knowledge on how to plan out optimal brain development through environmental support.

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