Digital marketing · May 6, 2020

How Blog Post Helps to Increase Traffic and Improve SEO Rank

Blog Post and SEO

Having a website is essential if you want to make a mark in the online segment. But do you want to keep creating buzz for your website? There are many ways to create curiosity among your website visitors and end consumers. Now the question is, “What would you do to attract your visitors and customers?”. Well, blogging is one of the substantial methods of gaining users. Blogging, along with SEO, is like an elixir for your website. Here are some effective ways a blog can enhance web traffic and the rank of the website.

Choose an appealing name for your website.

If you are going to use any blog, don’t stick to the traditional name “blog.” The users should choose creative and self-explanatory when giving a name to the blog section of the website. When you hire a company that deals in SEO in Dubai, then it will tell you how to pick an attractive name for your website blog section.

You need to consider some important questions

      • What is the overall theme of the blog?
      • Whom I want to covey my blog information ( in short what is my audience)
      • How to describe my blog effectively to represent the business niche?
      • Can I include prominent SEO keywords in blog name or Title?

Choosing a descriptive and optimizing name related theme can bring valuable organic traffic. For instance, an ecommerce business can choose the name “Ecommerce website advantage blog,” where ecommerce sites can tell about ecommerce business work culture, benefits and contribution in economy, etc.

 In case it is hard for you to find a name for your blog that comprises keywords you want to target, then you consider using keywords within the page title of the blog.

 Optimize your blog content consistently

 Web Design Company which has developed the website and now the digital marketing team will handle the promotion work of the website. But the work is not finished yet. Adding content every time is not the only solution. Moreover, people also think that if they change the website content, it will help, but that doesn’t work if it is done frequently. Rather than adding new content, you can think of optimizing the existing blog. WordPress and other significant CMS helps users to create and post content that passes the SEO score, content readability, and more to improve the blog reach and traffic. You can try these optimization tips on your blog.

      • Make the blog internal linking strong
      • Try to connect one post to previous with the help of anchor text
      • Analyze the title and Meta tag of the blog make sure keywords are included
      • Optimize images as per blog and topic    Add some more content if it is required
      • Also, use authentic external resources with no-follow attribute  

The URL structure must be user friendly and effective

When you are posting any content n your blog, make your to make your slug that includes information or keywords of the blog. IT helps in analyzing reports by the analytics tools. Some organizations don’t include “blog” in their URL structure when adding a blog section on the website. But it can make it hard for analytics to track the performance of the blog. So it is highly suggested to use /blog in your URL syntax to enhance the ease of blog tracking reports. Make you each post URL more descriptive. Avoid using a single word in the title of the blog post URL. The blog URL must be relevant and short. 

 Keep in mind skip using conjunction word in the URL such as “but,” “and, “or,” “in,” “on,” etc.

Optimize image and videos of the blog

A leading Web development recommends that while posting a blog, a user should also optimize images and videos of the blog( if they are using it). Images and videos are the visual aspects of the blog and website. Even an attractive image or well-optimized video can bring more traffic than a text. This would absolutely enhance user engagement. The video and images help in bringing substantial SEO ranking for the blog. Keep in mind to use images or video in your blog post. Optimize both of them with appropriate Alt tags, or you can also add a link to your images.

 Target a specific consumer with every post

Suppose you are providing SEO in Dubai, then your blog should highlight the SEO services of your company, its features, how your SEO services are better than others, etc. It means you are targeting the audiences that are looking for SEO service in the Dubai region. If you are running an IT company, then there could be multiple services that you provide, such as web development, web design, and mobile apps development, and so on. Create a blog for each service and target consumers accordingly. The blog should include the high searchable keywords and intent that can attract the users.

Pay attention to sharing your blog post on social media platforms

We know that there are 3.2 billion users are active on social media. A large marketing platform is there to welcome you. It is a great way to gain traffic to your website. So you should share your blog post to the different social media so that you can reach maximum potential customers according to your niche.

There are numerous advantages to sharing blog posts on social network

      • It helps in increasing referral traffic for your website
      • It makes your audience connected with you
      • It makes you active on social media platforms
      • Social media presence is also one of the effective factors in search engine rankings


Wrap up

Ensure that you are utilizing the possible benefits of SEO for your blog effectively. A blog is the simplest and rapid ways to enhance search engine rankings and web traffic. We have listed many effective tips that will help you to make your blog appealing and interactive to target your potential audience.