Automobile · March 20, 2023

How Are Car Tyres Important For The Performance Of Your Vehicle?

Car Tyres

Your car depends on several components for its performance. However, the most important components of a vehicle are its tyres. You believe it or not but a vehicle would not be able to run on the road surface stably without proper car tyres. Therefore, experts are in favour of using effects car tyres while you replace your old tyres with a new set of tyres.

Tyres Hanley is vital for your vehicle since they perform a lot of vital functions.

For example, tyres are important for the vehicle due to the following reasons:

Tyres stop your vehicle:

Most drivers believe that car brakes stop the vehicle. They are not completely wrong since the role of brakes in braking vehicles is essential as well. But, you cannot avoid the role of tyres in the braking system of the vehicle.

When you apply your brakes, the tyre will hold the road firmly to reduce the level of friction. As a result, your tyres are finally able to stop the vehicle completely.

Not only braking but other functions of the vehicle like gripping the surface, handling, steering, and driving comfort are also important for your vehicle.

In fact, the contact area between the tyre and the road surface is vital for the performance of the vehicle. A larger or smaller contact patch affects several factors like friction, heat, grip, and handling.

Your tyres keep you safe in wet and snowy conditions:

You may be proud of your driving skills and the model of your car but the safety of your car highly depends on your tyres in wet conditions.

Wet roads are very slippery. Therefore, you depend on the tread pattern and depth of your tyres to get proper traction. Even an efficient driver would not be able to provide better grip and traction on slippery roads if he is driving on bald tyres. So, the tread pattern of your car tyres is important for road safety as well.

The same case happens in snowy road conditions. Biting edges of winter tyres keep you stable on snow and slush. Moreover, winter tyres come with a special rubber compound that helps the tyres to make perfect grip on cold and wet surfaces.

While you buy your new tyres, it is vital you look at the following features. These features are linked with road safety and driving comfort.

Grip and traction:

This is the main feature of car tyres. Tyres should hold the road surface very efficiently and they have to do this job on varied road surfaces. The gripping power of tyres is vital when you stop or turn your car.

Wet grip:

When we talk about passenger car tyres, we have to look at wet road surfaces as well. Your car runs on both dry and wet roads. Therefore, your tyres should maintain their gripping power in wet conditions as well. Many tyres are efficient on only one surface and others are effective on both wet and dry roads. You may choose your ideal tyres according to your driving goals.


Your tyres should serve your needs for a long time. Most drivers want to make a fair deal and durability and affordability are the two main factors for them. Sometimes drivers show their enthusiasm for high-perform but in that case, you have to compromise with the durability of your tyres. A tyre cannot have every pleasing factor for a car driver.

Seasonal efficiency:

Your car tyres should save you from bad weather conditions. You cannot expect to drive your car safely in all weather conditions with the same set of tyres. You actually need a dedicated set of seasonal tyres to face seasonal challenges. As a surprising fact, you can use all-season tyres throughout the year but only in moderate weather conditions.


Generally, modern car drivers look for responsiveness of car tyres as well. Highly responsive tyres react efficiently to inputs. These high-performance tyres are the first choice of racing professionals and driving enthusiasts.

Final words

Your vehicle highly depends on your car tyres for performance and safety. You have to note that every tyre does not have an entire set of features. You have to choose a set of tyres according to your driving demands. Moreover, you have to look at the weather and road conditions of your place as well.

Since Tyres Werrington are vital for road safety and driving comfort, you have to keep them in good condition with the help of a superior level of maintenance.