Automobile · October 11, 2022

Understand How Can You Maintain Your Car Tyres

No matter how expensive your car is, there is no guarantee of safety, quality and experience if your car tyres aren’t of superior quality. Superior, there is no mention of cost or pricing but the durability, braking, etc. Due to the intensive European production technology used in Pirelli Tyres, they offer reliable tyres and have a huge product variety. They offer immense quality at an affordable price.

Since we already know that a car is one of the precious assets that a car owner spends considerable time using, one cannot compromise on the safety, and quality aspects of it. After all, a good car ensures a lot of safety and a better driving experience and Pirelli Tyres Northampton is here to cater for that with their world-class tyres. Every part of the vehicle needs to be monitored from time to time to continue driving with utmost safety. For anyone who has a car, and is planning to drive, it is important to understand the different types of tyres and why one should pick tyres as per their need and requirements. 

What contributes to a safe driving experience? Proper car tyre selection, inflation and maintenance promise optimal performances and significantly contribute to the longevity, fuel efficiency and safety on the road. There are other things which contribute to safety on the road which include tread pattern, tread depth, tread compound, tyre size and so on. The rubber tyres play a crucial role in ensuring performance, safety and comfort.

Let us now understand how can you maintain your car tyres and get a tyre repair in case you own a car – 

Tyre rotation –

Altering the positioning of Car tyres in Northampton is known as tyre rotation. It basically is altering the position of tyres from one point to another. Since all cars are not built in a way that they can sustain the same weight distribution. This is one fact that affects the wearing of front and rear car tyres differently. For instance, the tyres on the front have a higher bearing on the axle and it’s less compared to that in the back. Rotating tyres from front and back helps in slowing down the wearing of tyres to be at the same rate for both back and front tyres. 

Inflation Of Car Tyres –

Inflation of car tyres prevents sudden blowout. Car tyre should not be overinflated or underinflated. In case of overinflation, the car tyre might hit a bump or pothole. On the contrary, tyres should not be underinflated or they might have a sidewall failure. Car tyre should not be on the extremes.

Tyre Balancing –

Once the tyres begin to spin, the car tyre might show signs of slight vibrations owing to any defects in the manufacturing process. Car tyre should also be checked for tyre balancing. The tyre mechanics usually place small weights on tyre’s sides to offset these imbalances and bring out a better balance in the overall function of the car. 

Tyre Alignment –

A wheel alignment process uses a specialized machine to measure the wheel’s angle. This is a part of the tyre repair. In case the wheels of your car are not perfectly straight, alignment helps to correct the issue and enables the car to be driven in a straight line. 

What Else Can Be Corrected Under Tyre Repair ?

  1. Tyre patch – Since tyres are expensive, repairing them is always an option vs replacing them. If your car tyre runs over a pointy surface, a patch might develop in the car tyre which can be easily fixed by a mechanic. A rubber plug has to be inserted into the puncture point of the tyre which is further sealed for the tyre to be re-inflated. 
  2. Fixture in Valve system – If the tyre is losing air but there are no signs of holes or nails, the valve system might be a reason, however, it is repairable. 

If you are investing in a car, it is also important to ensure that all parts of the car are of the best quality. Not only is it pivotal to have good quality tyres but also keep your car tyre in check. Only if you take care of things, will they last long. Not only will a good car give you the best level of safety and comfort, it will also give you a smooth driving experience. After all, you invest in your cars to have the best of comfort.