Healing Cycles in Relationships

Healing Cycles in Relationships

Relationships are based on mutual love, respect, and trust. They form a safety net around the ones involved. Every relationship is unique and exceptional. The two people involved are individuals with their own interests and hobbies, but their shared love for one another often causes a couple to perceive themselves as a single entity.

The spiritual wellness of a relationship can be gauged by how happy and satisfied each member is. There can often be fights and disagreements within a relationship. These are a normal part of being together with another person. However, it is important to allow healing cycles in between. Just like money takes care of the economical aspect, healing cycles can take care of the spiritual wellness of a relationship.


The trust cycle is mostly an upwards curve. A relationship where the partners have reached a plateau of trust, where each is the confidant of the other, can scarcely face any problems. If there is any case that results in the breaking of this trust, the path to building it up again is steep and long.

The Blame Game

Smaller blame games are a part of every relationship. Couples may argue over whose task it was to take out the trash or pick the kids from school. These form cycles where certain issues cause a thorn to be driven between them, and are consequently resolved. The healing cycle from a minor blame game is small and easily achievable. It needs proper time and communication. However, blame games of a larger scale, also known as gaslighting, could result in the breakage of trust forever.


When does constructive criticism tip over into the field of putting someone down? The answer lies within how the sentence is framed, delivered, and what it is followed by. Healing cycles from criticism aimed towards soft spots can be very long. Sudden criticism also tends to give the other partner an idea that such a notion has been held for a long time. It is best to always state such things safely, and never within the scope of an argument. 

How To Treat Healing Cycles?

Healing cycles in a relationship are important for the growth of trust between partners. They also help couples to realize their personal space and boundaries. When approached with the healthy mindset, these cycles can help couples grow even closer and stronger after fights. 

It is necessary that individuals are able to recognize this time and treat it accordingly. They must also realize when a healing cycle is not enough to fix a relationship. Many like to left alone, while others prefer to communicate. Each couple is unique, and how they welcome the healing cycle is completely up to them!

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