Tour and Travels · September 23, 2019

Have ever been to Manaslu Circuit Trek before?

Manaslu slider photo

Wow, it’s an amazing Himalayan Path in Nepal which is a great chance and pleasure for Trekkers.I have been there in my life more than 100 times.It’s an magical Mountains Panorama, Tibetan Culture,Himalayan lifestyle, gracing place,Waterfalls, Rivers,Lakes, Stupas, Monasteries, Castle,Himalayan people and Himalayan style lodges with Tea houses.

We used to Manaslu Circuit Trek with camping Tent before 10 years ago.At that time people were very simple, it was not lodges on the way of Manaslu Circuit Trek.Nature was very fresh.We slept at Tent, we had our own Trekking expert cook. We used to serve our food to our clients ourself.We used to have Camping Porters for carrying our Camping Trekking  Utensils, Foods, Tents, baggage. As well we used to make camp fire and sang songs with Tourist. Ah….like story now to let you know here at the moment what’s was glory, pride and pleasure time.I was so lucky  to experience that time.At that time, on the way of Manaslu Tourists were very less(less crowded Trekking trail was in Nepal).We used to drive from Kathmandu to Arughat and we used to start walk to Bensisahar. It was not Road access.

But at the moment, I see many of Changes, like Road access, Internet Access, Lodge availability. That’s why  recently  trekkers do not Camping Trek , they do lodge Trekking. Trekkers can sleep and eat at lodge.Manaslu Circuit Trek is crowded Trekking trail in the Main Season(Spring and  Autumn) While comparing past and  present Manaslu Trek, I was a lucky Person .I experienced  both kind of Trekking.It’s like story when I say know.But I did in my life.When I do now this trek I remember that past time what’s was an amazing and pleasure time. People were unknown with Tourist and Tourism but at the moment there People are doing business in Tourism, they are giving facilities for Tourist on the Manaslu  circuit Trek.