Entertainment · September 22, 2022

Hamid beat Michael And Jayant in Roadies Revolution Winner

Roadies Revolution Winner

Hamid Barkzi wins Roadies Revolution

After an entire year fill with unrelenting passion, grit and excitement The 17th episode of MTV Roadies Revolution Winner has found its winner in Delhi boy Hamid Barkzi. As a member of the leader Nikhil Chinapa’s team Hamid won the trophy after beating Michael as well as Jayant. Who were from Team Nikhil and Team Varun , respectively, in the final showdown that was held on the 16th January. From being an underdog, to being declare winning, Hamid experience a thrilling ride throughout the show.

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Hamid Barkzi member of Team Loyalty

As a member of Team Loyalty, Hamid stood strong in Nikhil’s squad. And didn’t allow any obstacle to dampen his determination. Hamid says, “This is one of the most memorable moments in my life. Starting as an underdog who want to have to be able to show my skills and win the title, I’ve maintain my loyalty to my sport as well as my team and myself in this process and that’s what matters in the final.

Roadies Revolution has been instrumental in changing my perspective on certain aspects in life. I’ve experience my fair moments of highs and lows however, they have help me grow stronger.”

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Exclusive Interview Roadies Revolution winner Hamid Barkzi discusses his worst episode on Roadies Revolution.

The Roadies finale has conclude and we have an award winner in place! Delhi youngster Hamid Barkzi was crown the winner of the show. His story is nothing short of inspiring for viewers watching the show since it began. As the most underdogs in the show’s season. He was part of the celebrity leader Nikhil Chinapa’s team.

Hamid beat Michael as well as Jayant who were from Team Nikhil and Team Varun The duo of Team Nikhil and Team Varun defeat each other, respectively. We talk to Hamid, who is the man who is currently in the spotlight and talk about his journey to the show.