Hair Transplant: Everything You Need To Know

Hair Transplant: Everything You Need To Know


Hair transplant is a surgical method in which a follicle from one part of the body (donor) is removed and attached to another bald part (recipient). This method is mostly applied to treat male pattern baldness. Moreover, the grafting of follicles that resists baldness and transplanting it on the bald area head. Hair transplant is not only used to treat the hair of the head but also eyelashes and eyebrows. You can consider verifying the hair transplant cost in Pune before going for this process.

There are two types of hair transplant.

1. Follicular unit transplant

FUT is the most common method of hair transplant. In this method, the surgeon takes a strip of skin having hair follicles. A surgeon makes sure that the strip must be of the area, not near the baldness area. Such skin strips guarantee hair growth. The back of your head is the most prominent and suitable in hair growth. After that, the small tissue with the hair follicle goes into the excretion phase and is prepared to transplant.

After that, the small holes are shaped in the area of baldness. Then the expert inserts excreted grafts in holes one by one.

This method has been under practice for a long time. The experts state that this surgery’s time depends on the number of grafts. It means the more graft, then more time.  A person has to be very careful while healing from it as it has downsides too.

2. Follicular unit extraction

The FUE is the second method or technique that we use to restore hair. We do not get hair follicles from the head’s back but the head’s scalp in this method. The expert excretes follicle hair from an area where there is hair already. The same procedure requires repetition, and the expert inserts follicle hair in holes.

There are fewer downsides to this method. This method is also known as Follicular transfer. Moreover, you can check the hair transplant cost in Pune beforeconsidering this process. A hair society report has revealed that 35 million males and 21 million females suffer from hair loss annually.

Downsides of hair transplant

  • Experts believe that there are complications for the hair transplant.  Most likely, the infection of the hair follicle, swelling in the scalp, and itching are complications that may occur after surgery.
  • After a successful hair transplant, there are still chances that your hair may fall again. The fall of hair after transplant is known as “shock loss.”
  • Sometimes the transplanted hair follicle does not die before regrowth of hair. It creates a bump on the head.
  • During a hair transplant, as we mentioned above, a strip of skin is removed. And there are chances that the area of the strip may not grow again and become a scar.

Pros of hair transplant

  • This method works well enough for male pattern baldness and hair thinning in women mostly.
  • The cost of hair transplantation is more expensive than the lifetime costs of medication as the total cost goes in one hair transplant procedure.
  • This procedure is long-lasting and grows hair naturally.
  • Some people are living without eyebrows and use makeup and tattoos to hide this problem. Fortunately, the hair transplant can give you natural looking eyebrows.

Alternative to Transplantation

A hair transplant cures the hair loss and tries to restore the hair. However, there are other alternatives that you can use to treat hair loss.


Many people are suffering from hair loss; not everyone can afford a hair transplant. However,  some people go with medication and take oral pills to regain hair. The oral medication is known as finasteride. Moreover, there is also an ointment present known as minoxidil. You can apply the ointment to the scalp for hair restoration.

Supplements and other methods

Increasing technology has made everything easy; for example, several laser light combs, such as PRP or Acell, are now available.  Moreover, there is also a temporary solution for hair loss, which is wearing wigs and hairsprays. Spironolactone is also a solution, but women can only use it when she has no baby in the womb.


  • Biotin – Vitamin H or B7 a synthesis of fatty acid in the body and is essential for the life cycle of hair.
  • Saw palmetto – This American pine tree helps in growing hair as well as testosterone level.
  • Platelet-rich plasma – PRP is very useful in growing hair on bald areas. The scalp is provided with PRP injection.


The hair transplant technique is widely used in the world. The above article shows two types of how hair transplantation takes place. Experts believe that whoever is above 18 can have a hair transplant. However, it is better not to have a hair transplant until the age of 25.  Young men’s hair loss pattern is not fully confirmed, so that the hair transplant may fail at a young age.

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