Guide to counsel your Ok to Board services for Dubai visa

Guide to counsel your Ok to Board services for Dubai visa

While visiting Dubai, for certain nationals, it is not enough to procure a valid Dubai travel visa. They should also additionally possess a travel requirement to enter Dubai known as Ok to Board. Here is a short guide on OK to Board service to give you clarity on what it is all about.

What is Ok to Board?

Ok to board is a simple nod saying you are fit to travel to Dubai by airline. It is a precautionary formality taken by the airline to verify your Dubai visa and approve your return ticket. However, all Dubai travelers from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka must get an approved Ok to Board clearance to enter into Dubai.  In brief, Ok to Board is an obligation required by airlines flying into Dubai.

Why is it mandatory for certain nationals?

Emirates Ok to Board service was introduced to curb fake visas and to reduce such visa issues. It is just a way to make sure the airline also stays alert and re-verify visas of traveling passengers on their flights to Dubai. With Ok to Board, the airline rechecks the travel documents of the Dubai traveler whether he/she owns a valid passport, Dubai visa, and a return flight ticket. This way they can eliminate the possibility of travelers getting deported back from Dubai due to insufficient or false travel documents.

Who needs to apply for Ok to Board?

As mentioned earlier, passengers who are citizens of nations from the Indian subcontinent need to get an Ok to Board approval. However, the following travelers are exempt from the requirement:

  • Travelers from the Indian Subcontinent holding a resident permit.
  • Travelers who are availing of ‘visa on arrival’ service.
  • Travelers who are traveling by Emirates, Etihad, Air India, Indigo airline, Air India Express with ‘Emigration Check Not Required’ passport.

What documents do you need for the Ok to Board procedure?

This is not like a visa application where you need to be concerned about filling out a form and be stressed about a variety of documents. Essentially, you only need your valid Dubai visa, passport and your return airline Dubai tickets.

How to apply for Ok to Board?

The process is easy. Once you receive your Dubai visa status that it is approved, a copy of the same along with the flight ticket should be sent to the airline office. The airline verifies the details of your Dubai visa and air ticket and validates your ticket with an ‘Ok to Board’ approval on your PNR. Your Dubai visa provider can help you with Ok to Board procedures for you so that you don’t need to stress about the same. With Emirates OK to Board services, you don’t have to apply for the approval before your flight. Emirates has the facility to offer OK to Board approval when you check-in at the airport. However, be very sure that all your documents are in order as the time frame is less for Ok to Board approval in such a case.

How long should one wait to apply for Ok to Board?

You need not bother about OK to Board as the visa service provider will take the initiative and proceed with the validation process. However, you should keep checking with them for your OK to Board status.  It is advised that you also forward all necessary documents to avoid any delay. It is best to do all the requirements for OK to Board 3 to 4 days before your flight departure.  While there is no specific time limit to procure Ok to Board and different airlines have their conditions, it is better to give the airline ample time to process your request to avoid any last minutes hassles.

Are there additional fees to validate Ok to Board status?

Service charges vary from airline to airline. The airlines do charge a nominal fee for approving Okto Board for its travelers .

Though it seems like a minor formality, avoiding it can derail your Dubai travel plans. If your Dubai airline ticket PNR does not reflect an approved Ok to Board status, you will not be allowed to board the flight to Dubai. But it is not cumbersome and difficult to procure. All you need to keep in mind is to check whether you need an Okto Board validation and if you do, schedule it and get it out of the way as soon as possible so that you don’t forget to get it done and find yourself in a stressful situation.  Keep a checklist of what needs to be ticked off from your Dubai travel to-do list and include Ok to Board as one of the tasks to cross off. This will help you in keeping your Dubai travel plan organized and hassle-free.

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