Guide to Buy Boxing Gloves for Women

Guide to Buy Boxing Gloves for Women

One of the most common problems that an individual faces in boxing is, choosing the right pair of gloves. Today we are here to guide the women out there who are willing to purchase gloves for themselves.

To buy boxing gloves for women, you need to know some of the tips. So let’s have a look at the guide and make it easy for yourself.

How to know the size of the gloves

The first thing that will help you to buy the gloves for yourself is the size. You should check that the gloves are fitting well, and you are free to make flexible movements. Make sure that the glove does not slip off. Boxing gloves come in small, medium, and large sizes for all men, women, and children. The dimensions do not go in their standards, so one thing for sure you have to try them before you purchase them.

How to know the weight of the gloves that you will need for yourself

Once you have picked the correct size of the gloves for yourself, you have to choose the right weight gloves then. Always remember the importance of gloves varies from the amount of padding and protection it provides. The heavier the glove is, the more filling that comes with it. If you are a beginner, make sure you are purchasing the heavier one because it will help you protect yourself during your training days.

The sizes of the gloves vary from 6 to 8 ounces, which are mostly used by professionals. They are highly knowledgeable and familiar with robust jarring techniques. Ten ounces are perfect for the ones who are in the intermediate to advanced level of boxing. Twelve ounces are ideal for sparring; fourteen ounces is the most commonly used glove weight. Sixteen ounces are for the heavier boxers, and 18 ounces to 20 ounces will help improvise your performance and strengthen your shoulders, stamina, speed, and arms.

How to Know Which Material to Choose From

The manufacturers make the boxing gloves up with leather and vinyl. If you are a beginner, then you should choose vinyl gloves. Still, if you are a professional or looking for durability, you should choose the leather ones.

The other material of available gloves is PU, which is generally less expensive and does not shred easily. These velcro straps are convenient, and you would not need help to put them on or pull them off and last one the laces which are traditional and mostly used. Also, keep in mind that the gloves should have fabric lining on the inside so that it creates a barrier between the pads in the gloves while you sweat as you train. Also, make sure you choose the correct type of gloves and select the right wraps to wear inside the gloves.


It is essential to think twice before you invest anywhere, and when it comes to purchasing gloves, make sure you buy a less expensive one if you’re buying for the first time. Many online stores like a boxing glove the UK online, from where you can purchase the right quality of boxing gloves for yourself at an affordable price.

In conclusion, we hope the above information has helped you by providing you with the guidelines you should follow before purchasing a pair of gloves for yourself.

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