Gorgeous Black Colored Flowers That Will Take Your Breath Away

Gorgeous Black Colored Flowers That Will Take Your Breath Away

Black is not just a color; it is an emotion. When you start loving this color, trust me, you will not find any color more beautiful than this. There is something beautiful about this color that makes your eyes get stuck on it every time you see it. Be it a dress, gadgets, or any accessories, black outshines other colors effortlessly. Since it’s such a lovely color, how about receiving black colored flowers? I am out of appropriate words to define the beauty of a black colored flower. Though it is also advisable to get online flower delivery in Jaipur or other cities and not to wait for anyone to gift you one, you can drop hints to your lover, friends, and family that it is the black color that they should pick the next time they give you flowers. 

The color black signifies elegance, strength, authority, and mystery. There is no reason not to love this color even if anyone gets the answer to why black color is regarded negatively in many parts of the world, don’t tell me. Be it any reason, valid or invalid; black blossoms would never fail to mesmerize us with their beauty.

Since we have this notion that flowers are all bright and colorful, but little did we know that the world has even got black flowers to amaze us. The beauty of black blooms are hypnotic, and there is no rethinking over this statement. However, we have come across a very few black flowers all our lives, and this article has brought a list of black blossoms to widen the horizon of your flower knowledge. So, let’s get started:

Black Petunia- The Blackest Flower

Well, this flower is not a new name to us, right? We have been familiar with this flower since our childhood. This flower was found in 2010 and has been designated as the blackest flower since then. It is quite a desirable flower amongst gardeners. People who regard black color as a symbol of death, also, associate this flower with the same. Whereas, many people consider this flower as a symbol of strength, power, and insurrection. Also, this flower is gifted to mothers on Mother’s Day in many parts of South America and Europe. 

Calla Lily- The Black Star

This popular Calla Lily is not exactly black. This has a dark purple color that appears to be black to human eyes. This flower is dramatically called the “Black Star.” The purple color of this calla flower signifies power and royalty. Also, they have an underlying meaning of being elegant as well as mysterious. 

Black Dahlia:

Dahlia has been my mother’s all-time favorite flower. A black dahlia appears to be black but is actually a deep shade of burgundy. The flower is said to carry some elegance and mystery. It was during the Victorian time that this flower expressed the everlasting bond and commitment. In 2006, even a movie, ‘Black Dahlia’ named after this flower, was released.

Tacca chantrieri- The Bat Orchid

This bat orchid got this name because of its close resemblance to the bat flight and, of course, belongs to the family of the famous and everyone’s favorite orchid flower. Again, the color of the black orchid grown appears to be ebony black. This flower is found in Asia and has a superstition attached to it that if a person finds a bat orchid, then it is an indication of death (considering the color, I guess). Wait, before you get scared off, there is something that you should know. This flower also possesses cancer-fighting properties. 

Black Tulips- Queen Of Black Night

Tulip has never failed to awestruck by its appearance. It is found in almost all colors, even in color black. Since this black tulip is a rare hybrid, hence it is not an easy job to find it. If you are not aware of the various species of this black beauty, here are some listed for you. Ebony Queen Black Tulip, Paul Scherer Black Tulip, Black Hero Tulip, Night Black Tulip, Nearly Black Tulip, and Black Parrot Tulip. They stand for mysterious royalty and represent power and strength. 

So, black is a universal color that may carry different views and perceptions about it but is loved by every person. Go for online flower delivery in Chennai to your loved ones and bless their eyes and soul with this ever gorgeous looking flower.   

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