Glider Kit Trucks – A Guide to what you need to know

Glider Kit Trucks – A Guide to what you need to know

Being a trucker, you need to replace those old trucks in your fleet that are no longer capable of handling the heavy workload. Some truckers are of the opinion that new trucks are a great choice, while some others believe that used trucks are a great bet. Have you ever heard about glider kits?

The term glider kits may sound alien to you. However, they have been in the market for more than a decade. They are quite popular in the trucking world and used by several fleet owners-operators. 

What are glider kit trucks?

Glider kit trucks are just like brand new trucks having a framework directly procured from the original equipment manufacturer. A glider kit truck has the following new component just like any other new trucks in the market.

  • Cab
  • Front axle assembly
  • Dashboard assembly
  • Wheels
  • Tyres
  • Brakes

…… and other components.

What makes glider kit trucks different from a new truck is the remanufactured (refurbished) powertrain (engine, transmission and/or real axle). In a glider kit truck, these parts are remanufactured from old functional components obtained from wrecked trucks. 

As the fleet trucks get older, the cost of repairing them becomes too expensive. This is one of the major reasons why fleet owners prefer to replace them with glider kit trucks. 

Thus, it can be said that except for the engine and transmission, all the components in glider kit trucks are factory installed. Glider kit trucks are in unpowered form, i.e. without the powertrain. They become a complete unit once the engine and transmission are installed depending on the configuration required. 

If you are planning to add a glider kit used truck for sale to the fleet, you will come across two main types of glider kit trucks:

Day cab:

  • These are built for short distance freight hauling
  • No sleeper cabin
  • Only one compartment is present.


  • These are designed for long distance hauling of goods.
  • Ideal for truckers to drive overnight.
  • This truck type has two compartments (main cabin + sleeper compartment).
  • Truck drivers can sleep in the sleeper compartment at night or rest during the day time. 

Benefits of glider kit trucks

  1. Low ownership cost
  • In today’s competitive world, fleet owners are trying to save money wherever they possibly can.
  • One of the main reasons why truckers prefer going in for glider trucks is that they are less expensive than new trucks. 
  • If you choose to buy a glider kit used truck for sale, you will end up saving nearly 25 percent compared to a brand-new rig. This percentage is quite high considering the capital investment required in buying a truck.
  • You can use the money elsewhere or invest it back into your business.
  1. Different engine choices
  • Buying glider kit trucks provides you with ample choices when it comes to the type of engine you wish to install.
  • This variety and flexibility in choosing the engine is not possible while buying a new truck.
  1. Easy to repair and maintain
  • Since the powertrain in glider kit trucks are made from old components, they function on old technology. 
  • This means you can easily get those minor repairs and fixes done by a local mechanic at a reasonable price.
  • You don’t have to unnecessarily send the truck to a professional repair centre.
  1. Almost equivalent to brand new trucks
  • Glider kits have everything new except for the powertrain.
  • They are as good as new trucks and give you a seamless drive on the highway.
  • Even the most experienced truck drivers won’t be able to tell you the difference between a glider truck and new truck when running on the road.
  1. Environment-friendly option
  • Since glider kit trucks have remanufactured engines built using old components of damaged trucks, the process of recycling is evident. 
  • Recycling helps in clearing the junk yards and of course saves the earth from consumption of valuable resources as well.
  • In addition to this, glider kit trucks consume less fuel and offer a higher mileage. 

Wondering where to find glider kit trucks? Truck Market is your answer.

Truck Market- A one stop destination for various glider kit trucks

Truck Market is a leading online marketplace for truckers to buy glider kit trucks from leading brands. offers great variety to fleet owners when it comes to the choice of glider kit trucks. Whether you are looking for used Kenworth glider kits for sale or used Peterbilt gliders, Truck Market has everything.

Different brands of glider kits used trucks for sale

Brand 1: Used Peterbilt glider kit trucks for sale


  • Used Peterbilt day cab for sale
  • Used Peterbilt sleeper
  • Peterbilt rolling glider kit


  • Peterbilt 367 glider
  • Peterbilt 567 glider
  • Peterbilt 379 glider
  • Peterbilt 389 glider
  • Peterbilt 386 glider

Brand 2: Used Freightliner glider kits for sale


  • Used Freightliner day cab
  • Used Freightliner sleeper


  • Cascadia glider truck
  • Coronado glider truck

Brand 3: Used Kenworth glider kit trucks for sale


  • Used Kenworth day cab
  • Used Kenworth tri axle day cab
  • Used Kenworth sleeper


  • Used Kenworth Icon 900 sleeper
  • Used Kenworth T800W sleeper
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