Health and Fitness · August 17, 2020

Getting the Most Out of Your Workout

After being stuck in lockdown for months, more and more people are growing concerned about their health and fitness. Although there have been opportunities to exercise during the pandemic, due to the closing of gyms and leisure centers has made it harder for people to get a sweat on and easier to fall out of a good routine. If you want to get back in the habit of regular workouts, here are some tips to help you get the most out of your exercise and get back into shape.

Get Back Your Routine

Getting into a good routine is the first challenge when it comes to exercise. The best approach is to not try and take on too much too soon. Either do small, lighter exercises for a short period each day or do more strenuous workouts 2-3-times a week. This way, it’s easier to keep up with your routine and keep you motivated. If you want to start introducing more into your routine once you have gotten used to this, then do so. Find a time of the day that works best for you and when you feel at your most energized.

Remember to Rest

Although workouts are all about pushing yourself, make sure you don’t take this notion too far. It’s important to have rest days, especially if you’re taking part in more rigorous exercises. It’s usual to feel a little stiff and sore, and this will be more noticeable if you haven’t worked out in a while. Give your body time to recover before you put it through another workout to avoid seriously injuring yourself.

Eat the Right Foods

Eating the right kinds of food before and after your workout will help your body recover quicker, too. Carbs are a great thing to eat before your work as this slow-burn energy release will keep you going during your session, as will vegetables and whole grains. Afterward, carbs are good to eat again, but you should make sure you’re getting some protein in to help your muscles recover and repair. Supplements are another thing to consider having at home as some people find they can help this process, too. You can find affordable athletic supplements online or at your local health and fitness store. Always keep yourself hydrated, too!

Find the Right Exercise

Another way to make sure you keep your momentum and motivation is to find the right exercise for you. Not everyone enjoys running, and a spin class might not be your idea of fun. If you’re forcing yourself to take part in activities that you don’t enjoy, it’s very easy to convince yourself not to keep it up. Find a class you love going to each week and use the equipment you like at the gym to make it easier to keep yourself going.

It’s not always easy to get back into a good exercise routine, but it’s important to try. Try to get in at least 2-4 hours of cardio a week to keep yourself in good health and use these tips to get the best out of your workout.