Support · November 23, 2019

Functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a business solution that is used by many small to medium-sized businesses to manage their manufacturing, sales, project management etc. Here we will discuss about the application in details.

What can you do with Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

The following are the ways in which Microsoft Dynamics NAV benefits you:

1. Managing finance and accounting: it is of utmost importance to manage the finance and accounts of a company to ensure its success and monitor its progress. All your financial assets, transactions including bank operations can be monitored and managed with the help of the accountancy abilities of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

2. Sales and services: it is one of the prime responsibilities of a business to regulate its sales and services. The same is optimized and made easy with the help of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. With the help of this advanced system you can grab new opportunities and manage sales contacts without any hassle.

3. Provides for supply chain management: to run a business is to manage multiple aspects of it at the same time. There is a requirement for a system that can regulate the supply chain, manage the production, keep the stalk in check, take orders etc. Microsoft Dynamics NAV demo will show you how the system has features to tackle all at once.

4. Capabilities of project management: working on projects efficiently and delivering the same in time is a must if you wish to extend your business and maintain a steady graph of progress. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can manage projects, in terms of creating estimates, managing capacity and maintaining the cost and timeline.

5. Comes with easy deployment: as you will find out from the Microsoft Dynamics NAV demo, the deployment of the business solution program is seamless and convenient. It is ensured by Microsoft Dynamics NAV support which is provided by the implementation partners of Microsoft.

6. Has Business Intelligence and facilities for reporting: in this digital era, it is mandatory for any company to have all its data and logistics integrated and connected as it ensures streamlines operations. This aspect of the business is also taken care of by the business intelligence and reporting facilities that it comes with.

7. Makes globalized operations easy: you can find from the Microsoft Dynamics NAV demo itself that the suit is compatible with multiple languages and currencies. Thus, when it comes to operating globally and competing against international rivals, the system keeps you one step ahead.

Thus, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a convenient business solution that would make it easy for you to operate as a company and take the business forward. The licensing of this application is taken care of by implementation partners who provide Microsoft Dynamics NAV support as well as implementation and deployment facilities.


This article is about Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the various functionalities of this application. It informs the readers about the various ways in which they can utilize the features to grow their business and expand it.